Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Have You Seen The Ships?

Have You Seen The Ships?

Have you seen the Ships, ...the ships?
The ships who left us here so long ago.
The ones who left us as Aboriginal Orphans
Innocents in a Cosmic Chess Game

Don't you feel their presence?
the ever present unseen eyes of the Overseers
watching and waiting.
The Earth, our Mother, awaits within..
They wait without.

Will we ever evolve enough to join them as equals?
Or will we destroy ourselves before as most do?
When we miss the point we miss the boat as well.
Laugh! Laugh all you want you ignorant skeptics!
We will see who is right and who is wrong.

There is so much more to life than this worldly existence.
There are an Infinity of worlds, Universes, "I"s, "We"s, "They"s
At every decision point in your life
you create an infinity of new you's and an infinity of new paths to other worlds,
other lives, other existences. You are only aware of the one path you are
currently on now. The others are just as real and just as now.

Sometimes do you have days where you feel that you are not really here?
Days I call Brain Fog.
Those are days where you are between existences.
Partially here and partially there.
Sometimes we learn from those other "Us"s in other worlds.

I have had dreams in which I was the Doer.
And I was an Observer of the Doer.
And I was an even bigger me who was observing the Observer watching the Doer.
We are all the same.
We exist in many places at the same time.

When we evolve enough to recognize that, then maybe we will see
that God as we think of God is nothing like what we were taught.
God is a much more Powerful and Benevolent force of Creativity.
We give God the power to be alive and to experience life because he/she/it lives through us and experiences what we all experience.

Without us God would be a formless and blank expression of Intelligence.
All dressed up with nowhere to go.
And nothing to feel.
I don't think he/she/it would like that.
Do you?

The ships have been sailing for eons.
They have been around longer than the Earth.
They and others have interactions with like voyagers.
Some good and some bad.
Good and bad as we define it.

Every move you make and every thought you think
changes everything in the Universe because everything is connected
to everything else in multiple ways.
Some obvious and some not so obvious.

You are what you think.
You are what you believe.
Miracles happen every day.
Watch and you may see them.

Have you seen the Ships?

They are there.

© 2011 Philip G. DeLoach

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Night Flights

Night Flights

The smell of dew laden pine needles and loamy earth
enter my nose as I breathe in the morning.
I hear the Sun send its exploratory beams through the trees
It turns the sky rose pink, waking the birds
to sing their greeting songs to the day.

Dew drops hang on a spider web like crystals on a chandelier.
The Spider prepares for its breakfast then repairs the damage
done in the carnage of the night's feasting.

I awake, wonder how I got to this place and why I am here.
I have no memory of what led me to sleep in the woods.
It is a familiar place where I come often on my walks to get away.
A large boulder makes a perfect chair.
I sit, lean back and watch the clouds and sky
through the holes between the treetops and leaves.

I walk down the familiar path past the old dead tree with the root ball
forming a hump beside the trail. The dirt has eroded away leaving
mostly rocks and roots and other small plants that have taken root among
the remains of the old tree.

I cross the creek and come finally to the edge of the forest where the pasture
that leads to our house begins.
But, something is wrong.
Nothing looks familiar any more.

Our house is not there. The orchard is also gone.
There are buildings. Many of them. Strange buildings
That do not look like normal houses.
I must have been gone a lot longer than I thought.

It seems I have come upon the same place as before but
At a different time or dimension.

Even the strange dwellings and people have a certain familiarity to them.
The buildings look more like they are from the future than the past
because I have seen old architecture and this is like nothing I have seen before.

I am suddenly and startlingly confronted with the figure of someone else.
Immediately in front of me and coming toward me.
He evidently did not see me.
I looked at him but he just looked through me.

That odd familiarity came tingling up my spine.
Who or what is this being?
Why can't he see me?
I then realize that the figure I just encountered was myself.

Another me from another time and space.
I decided to follow him into the woods.
He walked the same familiar path that I had walked so many times before.
He came to the sitting rock that the trail passes on it's way further up the hill.

He did not sit. He just came to a stop in the trail.
He reached out and opened a door.
A door in the woods!
A door that you could not even see!

He stepped through it and closed it behind him.
I tried hurriedly to find the door and follow him through
but there was no door there.
I waited for what seemed like an Eternity.
It may have been an Eternity the way time worked in this crazy place.

Another door opened and the other me stepped out and headed home.
I saw no point in following him any more. I needed to find my way back
to my time and place in the Universe.

I walked over to the sitting stone, sat down and pondered
on how I would get home.
Suddenly I felt a strange sensation.
I realized that I was melting or merging with the rock.

I watched as my body disappeared into the rock.
I could still see and hear but I could not speak or move.
At that point I just sat and watched the seasons change like channel surfing
on a TV set. Time speeded up tremendously.
I watched everything around me change. I watched whole civilizations
come and go. Strange and exotic creatures appeared and disappeared.

The Earth seemed to be spinning like a top.
I watched the stars streak past in the sky as if they were all shooting stars.
Then everything started slowing down.
It got slower and slower until I was able to see the door again.

It opened into an entirely new and different Universe.
All things were changed.
There was peace for the first time since the Garden.
The only thing that was missing from Paradise was


© 2011 Philip G. DeLoach