Thursday, December 13, 2012

Loving Places, People and Things

Loving Places People and Things

I still can see the sunlight
filtering through the Pecan and Oak trees
onto the street in front of our house.
The smell of Mimosa in the front yard.

The skinned knees from sidewalk skates.
I think I still have my skate key.
The sounds of the Blue Jays squawking at our cat
as she crept across the side yard.

Playing with lead soldiers in the dirt floor garage
behind the house.
I don't ever remember seeing a car in that garage.
Just junk and bicycle parts and dusty boards.
We used sticks to try to coax the Doodlebugs
out of their cone shaped holes in the dust.

The Privet Hedge beside the driveway had a giant
Wild Cherry Tree growing in it. The tree was taller than our house
and we would sneak out the upstairs window at night
to go play Kick The Can and throw rocks at bats under the street lamp.

We would walk down to the River nearby and swim and fish and
catch Crawfish and Mussels.
The river mud always had a distinctive smell that
I would recognize anywhere.

The Sheer Terror of walking across the Railroad Trestle
and getting caught half way by the train.
Luckily there was a little balcony like thing I could stand on
and watch the wheels of the train taller than my head throwing sparks at they
flew past. A cloud of diesel smoke to remind me not to do that again.

Our house was built by my mother and father with their own hands.
I was born at the little hospital just across the street.

I loved every rock, every tree, every squirrel, every sound and smell.
They are etched into my brain.

The six years I spent there from the time I was born until First Grade
was the only time in my life that felt like Home to me.
My grandparents, parents and several brothers, sisters, nieces and
nephews are buried alongside the Confederate Soldiers who tried in vain
to defend the town and Fort Tyler in one of the last battles of the Civil War.
They all are buried not far from that house.

I was sure I could fly and could walk through walls
and when moving day came I told everybody that if my home made cardboard wings didn't get on the moving van I was not going either.

I have lived in many places since then.
Some good, some miserable, but that was the only place I actually loved and remember as being my home. No place has ever come close to that feeling.

Now I live in an old house that desperately needs repair
but I live with my Wife of twenty eight years. So where ever we are is Home now.
We are two sides of the same coin. I am nothing without her.

But I know Love can be for not just people and pets. It can be for places, smells, sounds, things that make you who you are.

© Dec. 12, 2012 Philip G. DeLoach

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

There Is A Place

There is a Place

There is a place I've heard about.
The colors are much brighter.
You are never hungry or thirsty.
You can eat and drink if you want to,
but you don't have to.

Anything you desire is yours just by thinking of it.
You can travel at the speed of Thought.

No crime, no war, no death, a world where you
can create a new world every Morning.
It may sound boring but there are lessons to be learned there too.
They just don't involve pain and suffering.

This is where you go when you die,
or at least I've heard several people say it's that way,
for some people but not all.
They know because they have died and come back.

It is said that our world now could be that way if people could
just let go of the brainwashing they have received since conception.
Thinking in three dimensions when there are actually many more than three.

Our bodies and our entire Universe are mostly empty space.
If we could learn to experience that, we could walk through walls.
We could change our lives just by changing our thoughts.

I can remember when I was small I believed I could fly and walk through walls.
The older I got the more solid and oppressive the world became.
Most people would think that my Worldview
is a product of a deranged mind.

There are changes on the way.
Soon we will see who is deranged and who is not.

© Dec. 5, 2012 Philip G. DeLoach

Sunday, October 21, 2012

What Time Is It?

What Time Is It?

Why is it that the faster you move,
the slower time passes?
In youth you cannot wait to be older.
Always rushing your life ahead.
It is always too slow.

Then as you age you realize that you have slowed down
and Time is speeding up.
Why is this?
Is it real or just our perception?

Then you come to an age that it seems
like what used to take minutes now takes hours.
You have less to do but it takes you longer to do it.

I am too old to speed up.
And time is not going to slow down.
Appreciate what you have when you have it.
Life is not a race to be won or lost.

We all get to the destination at our own pace.
In the Billions of possible Futures at any point of decision,
all the possible outcomes become realities.
The "You" that you think of as "I" does not see the other "I"s,
carrying on with different versions of the life you have led.

Sometimes there may be "slips" in the continuum.
We may catch glimpses of ourselves living different lives.
Our possible/probable lives sometimes cross at certain points.
We all know this but we think all these lives are separate.
They are, but they are not.

They are all part of a larger self that has an even larger self
that Observes and experiences but does not interfere.
We are all Quantum Particles that go to infinity forwards and backwards.
All exist now.
Reality is an illusion of what all the "I"s and all the "You"s
decide it is.
Reality by consensus.
Change your Mind - Change your World.

© Oct. 21, 2012 Philip G. DeLoach

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Me and The Moon

Me and the Moon

I used to lie in the bed at night
looking out my open window
when everyone else was asleep.
I could feel the Summer breeze on my face.
carrying the smell the honeysuckle.

Lying there I could hear the sounds of the crickets and frogs
and always the sad song of the whippoorwill.
The fireflies outside would weave intricate patterns
among the limbs of the Pine Trees.
And hundreds of them would rise up out of the meadow
looking like tiny spaceships all taking off at once.
They moved as if on cue.
I would wonder where they all went during the day.

I could feel the moon outside even when I couldn't see it.
I felt it's pull.
It was watching over everything from it's perch in the sky.
I didn't have to see it because it was almost like it spoke to me,
calling me out.

There seemed to be a sound.
A low hum that most people never heard.
That was the Moon talking to me.
Sometimes I answered and went outside.
I would lie in the middle of the road and look up at the stars.
That was the best place to see everything.

I had a toy Telescope.
I called it a SpyGlass.
I could see the Craters on the Surface.
It really looked like a giant ball floating in space.

Occasionally I would see shooting stars.
Some would sparkle and glow in different colors
as they flew past.

I knew there was a reason for all this.
An Intelligence behind it all.
A Big Plan and we were all part of that Bigger Plan.
It made me sad to think that it may all end one day.

© Sept 1, 2012 Philip G. DeLoach

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Masked Ball

The Masked Ball

You see them everywhere.
They pass you by and look you up and down.
Then they either sneer or smile.
You wonder what goes on behind their mask.

They all wear masks.
If you ask them to take off their mask,
sometimes they comply.
All you see is a black hole that goes on forever.

That is where they live.
Everywhere and nowhere.
Life is a masked ball.
Without the Ball.

I want to see lights.
Lots of lights.
The brighter, the better.
Because that is where I want to go.

All the stink, disease, hate, and poisonous people,
will be somewhere else.
Love and Peace will be there.
Everyone you have ever loved and who has loved you will be there.

Take off your mask as you look in the mirror and see
what is behind your mask.
Nobody will be watching, except you.
You may like what you see.

If you are my friend I think you will.

© July 29, 2012 Philip G. DeLoach

Monday, May 21, 2012

Larry's Not Home

Larry's Not Home

Larry's not home today.
He is in a dumpster behind the fancy restaurant
you know, the one on the other side
of town.

His cat found a rat to eat so he's happy.
He's sleeping now so don't wake him.
Larry has a college degree.
He used to have a family.

He recently found a nice blue blanket.
It was fine except for a couple holes.
Blue is Larry's favorite color.
He got some candles from the homeless shelter.

Larry tried to live a normal life.
He couldn't find a job.
If he found one he couldn't keep it.
Hard to get a job with no address and no phone number.

People think Larry is lazy.
Larry is not lazy.
Staying alive every day is hard work
when you have nothing and nowhere to go.

Some people give him money.
Some give him scornful looks.
Some don't even see him.
He is like a ghost walking around the streets.

Some people yell at him, "Get a Job!" they say.
Larry doesn't say anything.
He knows it doesn't do any good.
He would rather be invisible than be a target.

Larry knows the best dumpsters in town.
The hard thing is finding a restroom
or a place to take a bath.
Restaurants won't let you use their restrooms
if you are not a customer.
Larry is not a customer he just needs to use the bathroom.
He finds a doorway in an alley.

People don't like for Larry to urinate in their doorway.
The cops will arrest him or beat him up if they see him.
Larry doesn't know how old he is.
Or the last time his home was not a cardboard box.

He still has a small photo of his mother.
At least he thinks it is his mother.
He wants to believe it is her anyway.
He thinks he had a brother once.

His shoes were falling apart.
The soles were coming loose.
He found some duct tape
and taped them back on.
Duct tape is good stuff.

I went by to see Larry the other day.
Larry wasn't home.
His cat was gone too.
I looked around for anything that was worth keeping.
I don't think Larry's coming home no more.

© May 16, 2012 Philip G. DeLoach

Monday, April 9, 2012

Time Before Time

Time Before Time

I can remember when I was not who I am.
I can remember when I was not somebody else.
When things were as they should be.
When skies were blue and the air was clean.
When days were long and time did not rush by
like a speeding freight train.

Apples were given time to ripen before being picked.
We took the time to notice one another.
To get to know one another.
We took the time to actually talk to one another.

I guess we have more time to remember
when we had more time, and less time to make
more memories to forget.

Do you remember when you were someone else?
When we were somewhere else?
When we had nothing to do and all day to do it?

Times and Tides Change and we swing like pendulums
in an ever increasing clock.
We smile as we pass as one heads toward the future
and the other heads toward the past.

Nothing changes, but nothing stays the same.
We are unconscious Chameleons.
Evolving, devolving, discovering, and losing,
all at the same time.

Sometimes my memories seem more real than the present day.
The Past, Present, and Future sometimes merges
into a confusing blend of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
Where are we now?
Where will we be yesterday?

You see there actually is no Past, Present, or Future.
Everything that has ever happened, and will happen,
already exists every moment of the day.
We have already done everything we will ever do.
We just haven't realized it yet.

They say it's not too late to change the future
but, it's also not too late to change the past.

Our lives are spread like a layer of peanut butter across a slice of time.
Some blends, some overlaps.
Some lives end and others begin but it is all the same ball of energy just changing it's configuration.

The Emperor gets a new set of clothes.
Then he dies, and is buried in them, only to wake in another time and place
with not only new clothes but a new body, a new face, a new life.

At every point of decision in our lives we create an infinity of possibilities.
Each of those possibilities continue on separately creating infinitely more possibilities.

We are on one strand of that network of possibilities.
Our perception is what defines who and where we are at the present moment.
It can all change in the blink of an eye.

The end of the world has already happened.
But the beginning of a new world is happening also.
It is a constant dance across infinity.
We dance until we all eventually learn that we don't have to go anywhere
to get to where we all eventually will be.

We are already there.
Love and trust in life is the glue that holds it all together.

It is all that really matters.
It is the only eternal thing that exists.
And there is plenty of it because the more you give away
the more you get.

© Apr. 8, 2012 Philip G. DeLoach

Thursday, April 5, 2012

You Can't Get There From Here

You Can't Get There From Here

I was walking down a pretty winding dirt road.
The sky was blue, the air was clear.
There was a low rock wall alongside the road.
An ancient road from the looks of it.

In the distance beyond a green meadow I could see
a clump of trees with a small stone building in the trees.
I couldn't tell if it was an abandoned farm house or
maybe a relic of a long ago ruins of a castle.

I decided to climb over the low wall and go take a look.
I climbed over but then did not see the woods or the building.
I turned around and on the other side of the wall
there was the meadow, the trees, and the building.
This was very curious and starting to spook me.

I climbed back over the wall and, as before the
woods and the building were gone again.
Again I turned around and everything was as it was.
On the other side of the wall.

This had gone beyond strange into downright scary.
I realized that I must have crossed some kind of time/space thing
when I climbed over the wall the first time.
The problem was now I had crossed the wall several times
and I couldn't remember which side I was on originally.

Finally I saw a strange looking man walking my way.
I asked him about the stone house in the woods.
He just looked down at the ground at his huge feet
and said "you can't get there from here".

Well I sat back down and thought what in the hell
will I do now?
If I take this path I may end up in an entirely different world.
But I have to do something.
I can't stay here.

I finally saw someone walking my way from the other direction.
As he got closer I saw it was the same strange man with the big feet.
I asked him about the house and explained the mess I was in. I told him about the other man who looked just like him. He just looked at his huge feet and said "Pay no attention to that guy. He's full of Baloney".

And he went on his way.
I was desperate now so I just started walking until I saw a town.
It looked like my town, my home.
I went inside my house and everything seemed perfectly normal.
Only thing was the clocks all ran forward for twelve hours and
then ran backwards for twelve hours. Time was going nowhere.
I thought how can I get out of this?

I finally walked back to the place where I climbed over the wall
only this time I walked backwards. I got to the wall and climbed
over it backwards. When I turned around, lo and behold I and the house was on the same side of the wall!

I climbed back over the regular way. The house stayed where it was.
I walked back home. There was no way I was going to go near that house or that wall again. I heard that the wall and the house was torn down to build a shopping center.
The shopping center never got completely built. They would build something one day and it would be gone the next day.
They finally got so tired of that they just abandoned the place entirely.

So, now when people ask me how to get to the new shopping center I tell them
"You can't get there from here".

© March 30, 2012 Philip G. DeLoach

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Old Scratch

Old Scratch

It's not but one hop, skip, and jump from
Akron to Dacron, to Polyester Preacherman
Who preaches against everything he can think of.
We are all evil and in the clutches of Satan.

And then when the Preacherman is so exhausted
He finally goes home.
Takes off his Preacherman Suit and is Old Scratch Himself.
Grinning and strutting like a Banty Rooster!

"Those fools will never know what hit 'em he screamed!"
And sadly he may be right.
If anyone takes any of these Proselytizing Pro Haters Seriously
They must have been brainwashed or brain dead.

But a lot of people do take them very seriously.
Enough to even vote for them as President of the United States.
It is Insanity personified.
The Bull and the Shit have come together as one.

And they boast and bluster like the Buccaneers of the old days
They will set things straight!
They will get our country back!
They will do away with the Sinners and the Terrorists.

How can anyone with a brain possibly take these
highly paid Buffoons seriously?
It is unbelievable that they have come as far as they already have.
What will it take to stop them?

This country already has ceased to be a representative Democracy.
The Foxes have killed the chickens in the Hen house and now
There is nothing left but Foxes.
Our Civil Rights are being flushed down the Presidential Commode.

The ones who are supposedly on our side are doing nothing.
They are either stupid, wearing blinders, or are so rich and arrogant
that they think the Republicrats will shoot themselves in the foot
and will be easily defeated.

Trouble is the Republicrats and their Evangelical hordes
have taken over governments on every level including State, County, Local.
They are making laws that to anyone who is not an idiot would know is
either illegal, unconstitutional, or Fascist.

A third of the people are waiting for the Second Coming, another third are waiting for the First Coming, and another third don't believe anybody's coming at all.
And some are waiting for the Starship to come and get the "Chosen Ones".

This insanity is leading up to what I think will be the most insane Presidential election in this country's long history. Also one of the most corrupt and illegal elections. The Republicrats have already given the Presidency to George Bush twice. He was appointed the first time, not elected, and the second time it was illegally given to him by ballot tampering and other crooked means.

Voting has become an exercise in futility.

What do we do now?

© Feb 27, 2012 Philip G. DeLoach

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Japanese Garden

A Japanese Garden

My mind floats just inches above the smooth still water
in a pond in the center of a Japanese garden.
I smell the water.
I see the flash of red, gold, and white
swimming below me.

In the soft breeze that gently rustles the bamboo.
I smell the delicious odors of orchids and clematis.
My body is nowhere to be found.
There is no pain, no sensation at all.

My mind is an integral part of the garden.
The Moon bridge is displaying it's round reflection.
Half bridge, half water.

As I drift across the water, not touching it but barely
separated from it I feel the humidity and cleansing vapor.
This cleanses my mind and soul.

I hear the songs of many birds.
Their joyful chorus adds beauty to the whole completeness
that is the Garden.

All sights, sounds, colors, smells, and the living Garden
is one entity.
Just like the Earth is a living being.
All parts of a larger whole.
Nothing is static, it is only still.

As the fog lifts my mind follows.
I drift up into the smell of pine and willow.
I become all that I sense.
I am the Garden.

I will stay as long as I am allowed.

© Jan. 1, 2012 Philip G. DeLoach

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Song of Day and Night

Song of Day and Night

You know when the morning looks at you
and sings of Mysteries
and the Trees take up the chorus
one by one.

Singing in Harmony with the birds,
the Rose Colored Face of Morning gradually gives way
to the bright Lyrical Chant of Day.
We are alive and we are Here.

As the day progresses it mellows it's tone
to a more relaxed color … Greens and Blues and Browns …
The Chirp and Tweek and Rustle
Letting the Ones Who Know that someone is afoot.

The Raven croaks "They are Here!"
Nothing moves without notice.
Every warble, every shaft of light reflected
on the dust of the day
shows where we have been and where we are going.

You sing so sweetly,
you Sky…you Siren of the Living Earth.
How can we not Hear?
How can we not know?

You leave us a Lullaby of Stars
in the Blanket of Night.
Each Star sings it's own Note.
A symphony of tiny bells to lull us to sleep..
To Dream of days to come, and ways to go.

Sing me to sleep tonight Sky…
Tonight, and I will thank you in the morning...

© Jan , 2012 Philip G. DeLoach

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Other Side of Now

The Other Side of Now

I find myself standing on the other side
Of what I thought was reality.
I can see the other side but cannot touch it.

I am gripped in the quantum clutches of time/space...
Being at once torn asunder and simultaneously
Reconstructed in first this place and that place.

I look in the mirror and there is no one there
Looking back at me.
Other times I look in the mirror and see
rows and rows of mirrors reflecting the same me
over and over.

The same me but in a different setting,
a different time and place
I wonder who is the real me that I call "Me"?
Days and nights flash by like the windows of a speeding train

In each window there is a Me looking out with a puzzled look
Mouthing the words "Where Am I?"
The days and nights the darks and lights
Become years as time speeds up the closer I get
To whatever destination I am supposed to have.

I feel the pull of a presence that is overwhelming
Calling me out. Calling my name.
I have many names.
Names that have changed with the
Seasons of my life.

Seasons of happy times and sad times
of Death and Birth, Creation and Destruction.
I have participated in them all.
They are all necessary lessons on how to be human.

The Universe of opposites. A Universe that is as small as a pin point
And as large as the largest thing imaginable at the same time.
I am here...I am there... I am nowhere ...except where the "I" that I am is.

Push a button, blow up the world.
Pick a flower and blow up a Universe.
They are both the same.

Peace is to not have to wonder any more.
Peace is to know the paths and the destinations
and the fact that that all exist all the time in one place and in one time,
the Everlasting Now.
Nothing else exists.
Everything else is illusion.
Smoke and mirrors.

We wait for the world to wake up and discover
that it has been sleeping
for thousands of years.
Many histories have come and gone and
still more regenerate.
A Phoenix being born of Fire.

I wish that Peace was possible.
Paradise is within our grasp.
Except for the failings of mankind in seeing
what the important things in life are.

What flight we could have over cloud tops and moonbeams
with the wind in our hair and the smell of all seasons
of Eternities blowing from nostril to mind.
Sights, Sounds, Smells, all become one bright wind
that blows within and without us.

The ecstasy of complete freedom.
The Serenity of complete Peace.
The warmth and comfort of Unquestioning
and Encompassing Love.

To be what we are supposed to be
And what we really already are
except we can not realize it until we allow
ourselves to experience it.

We must take that step into the unknown.

© Dec. 20, 2011 Philip G. DeLoach