Sunday, October 21, 2012

What Time Is It?

What Time Is It?

Why is it that the faster you move,
the slower time passes?
In youth you cannot wait to be older.
Always rushing your life ahead.
It is always too slow.

Then as you age you realize that you have slowed down
and Time is speeding up.
Why is this?
Is it real or just our perception?

Then you come to an age that it seems
like what used to take minutes now takes hours.
You have less to do but it takes you longer to do it.

I am too old to speed up.
And time is not going to slow down.
Appreciate what you have when you have it.
Life is not a race to be won or lost.

We all get to the destination at our own pace.
In the Billions of possible Futures at any point of decision,
all the possible outcomes become realities.
The "You" that you think of as "I" does not see the other "I"s,
carrying on with different versions of the life you have led.

Sometimes there may be "slips" in the continuum.
We may catch glimpses of ourselves living different lives.
Our possible/probable lives sometimes cross at certain points.
We all know this but we think all these lives are separate.
They are, but they are not.

They are all part of a larger self that has an even larger self
that Observes and experiences but does not interfere.
We are all Quantum Particles that go to infinity forwards and backwards.
All exist now.
Reality is an illusion of what all the "I"s and all the "You"s
decide it is.
Reality by consensus.
Change your Mind - Change your World.

© Oct. 21, 2012 Philip G. DeLoach


Philip DeLoach said...

I will comment to see if even I can comment on this page. Most people can't for some reason and I'm tired of trying to figure out why.

Cindy Schnackel said...

People have trouble posting comments on mine, too, even though it's set at the lowest security. Wonder if mine will show up on yours?!

Cindy Schnackel said...

It worked! (I think.) Nice work!