Thursday, February 24, 2011

Living in the Rain

Living in the Rain

The old oval photograph of someone's dead ancestor
Sits in a pile of junk
The glass is cracked, the paint peeling from the frame
This man had a life once.

He had a wife and was a husband
He knew pain and joy
His life covered many years of our not too distant past
Even the clothes he wore are in some trunk somewhere.

Waiting for the rag pickers and the
Vultures of the flea market
To try to make a buck off the life of someone
Who was once a loved one.

We have people like that today.
Living portraits of people who once had lives
Now they stand in the rain
"I will work for food" the sign says.

They sleep in a box and get packed away
Out of sight, out of mind
They can barely remember having a life themselves
They just want a warm dry place to sleep.

You must not look too deeply into their dead eyes
You may get swept away into the nothing of their existence
Give them a handful of change and be on your way
They drink to forget what they can't remember.

The rain does not wash them clean
The dirt they have is soul deep
They missed the boat
Dropped the ball

There are more of them now.
Whole armies of them all over the world
People who are memories of themselves
They can not even remember how old they are.

They are the leftovers
The lost and missing in action of all the wars
For Freedom we have fought...
They are free now.

Free to be the unseen and barely here
They survived the War but are slowly being killed by the Peace
They gave their all because they thought that was
What they were supposed to do.

They believed the same lies that all soldiers believe
That killing for Peace and Security actually works
Then they come home used up.
No longer needed or wanted.

They, like the old oval photograph
Fall prey to the rag pickers and flea market vultures.
The rain keeps falling
They keep standing until they finally disappear.

And no one even notices that they are gone.

Pax Amerika

© 2011 Philip G. DeLoach

Saturday, February 19, 2011

What is it Worth to You?

What is it Worth to You?

What does it take to make you
Learning the why and wherefore
Of why we even exist
Is the most important thing I've ever tried.

The most important things in the world
Go on not in the Capitals of Nations
And palaces of the Rich and Famous.
It's about what happens in your head and heart
It is worth more than all the gold on Earth.

To Know is better than to Have.
The battle that exists inside is happening
All over the Universe
"If I could Just..."
Where is the Love that you know exists
But is hidden from view?

I hate the idea of all things going away.
The fading of the flower
The ebbing of a life
I only hope that the end is just another beginning
Or that it is complete oblivion.

To completely cease to exist.
As if you never were.

The peace of never having to decide.
Never having to accept things the way they are
And having no way to change them.
My words travel outward

To places unknown and ears that have never heard
To touch a heart in a way that will change it forever.
There is good to be found in the world
So why is the evil so much more evident?

I know that Good and Evil are two sides of the same coin.
All is energy.
The value is in how it is used and
What you choose to do with it.

A major change is on the threshold
Happening whether we want it or not.
Cycles and circles take us from one level to another level
One life has to leave so another can take it's place.

Promises of politicians.
Dreams abandoned along the roadside.
Like so much litter
Our lives arrive in tatters of hope and unfulfilled desires.

To have one person who really understands you
And you can converse without even speaking a word.
The knowing without speaking
Is a type of relationship that is beyond time and space...

Words are just ways of describing or circumscribing the
Feelings we hold for one another. They cannot convey
The depth and breadth of the bond that cannot be broken.

If you find this, keep it.

You may never get another chance.

© 2010 Philip G. DeLoach

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Got a Dollar?

Got a Dollar?

I want to scream...
I want to scream so loud that the people in the next county
Can hear the frustration
I feel like I should be celebrating some recent good fortune
Instead I feel guilty because I feel like shit.

Wandering around wondering what to do
This or that
Up or Down
Art/ Poetry/ Music
Who cares?
I mean, who really the fuck cares?

Work for food
Work for space
Work for work
Work until you drop

Every cell in my body is screaming
Leave me alone!
Leave me alone I said!!
I need to find some Peace

I don't mean relaxation or rest
I mean Peace
I need a little Nirvana and some transcendental oblivion
If only for a little while

I love you go away...
Please don't leave me alone
But please don't touch me
Just be with me
Just be

With me.

It feels like my Muse has turned into a charging water buffalo
About to grind my bones to dust if I don't do something
Anything to relieve the pressure.
Too much to think about
Too much to remember

Have to be an adult
But I don't want to be an adult
There will be fire in the sky
There will be floods and famine
Disease and death
The face of Death is on so many people now and
They don't even know it.

Life is just normal just like always
Life has never been normal for me
What the Hell is normal?
Tell me and I'll give you a Dollar

If I had teeth I think I could bite through steel chains
I want to see farther than even the farthest image of telescopes
I want to see why life is so hard
They say I should quit worrying so much

That is like telling a starving man
To stop feeling hungry
I want to tell you how I feel
Show you how I feel
Make you feel how I feel

Did you know we will probably all be dead in a few years anyway
So none of this matters...
It matters to me now
And now is all I have.

Tomorrow is another day
But which day will it be?
First, last, middle?

The wet and cold light that shines
Through brick and stone
Seeks the seeker
Hope the Warm white Light finds me first.

Turn the world on it's side
Hit it with Asteroids
Blow up some volcanoes
Turn Mountains into Molehills
The Moles won't mind.

If we could just fly
If we could fly to a high place with crystal cathedrals and golden thrones
Just like in the books
You know the books
The ones with all the secrets in them.

Why is it always a secret?
Why do they hide it away?
Why can't we just know what to do?

Maybe there are no secrets
Maybe everything is so obvious that we can't see it
Because we are still stupid animals
We have to earn our souls
By the amount of pain we can endure

And the amount of Love that we create
How much is enough?

Follow the Yellow Brick Road
Follow the Drinking Gourd
Follow the Leader
Follow your heart

The stream will lead you out of the dark forest
The path has always been there
You just did not notice it
The rules got in the way

Everybody knows the Truth
But they want to hear it from some one else
Just to be sure
Just to see if their Truth is the same as the other's
It is not my Truth
I have my own.

I will tell you a secret

There are no secrets.

There are only Truths unnoticed.

None of this will matter anyway one day
When all we know and all we have will be wiped away.
We will become the wisps of colored gasses that drift through space
Coagulating into new Planets and Suns
Shining our light onto another world of lost souls

Looking for a reason for their existence.

We will know the answer
We will know the Secret
We will tell them

For a Dollar.

© 2011 Philip G. DeLoach

Water in the Desert

Water in the Desert

It is no accident that underneath one of the driest deserts on Earth
There are underground Rivers of water
Flowing from where flowing to where?
Discovered by accident by orbiting satellites.

We have so much water on this planet but so little available
That can sustain life

We now know that certain life forms do not require sunlight or carbon
They live by consuming Arsenic
I wonder if they may be intelligent?
How do you tell if a protozoa or bacteria is an intelligent life form?
We need a new set of criteria that defines intelligent life

Right now we do not even have a good definition of what a living thing is
Some things act alive but aren't
Some things don't act alive but are
Politicians fall into that category.

Some of the life-forms that we have already destroyed
May have been intelligent life forms
Now we will never know
We may have already met intelligent life from outer space

Thought it was a weird looking bug
Squashed it under our heel.

The water is the thing
Our scientists say "gotta have water"
Life can not exist without water.
Why not?
Because we think everything in the Universe has to work like Earth

Silicon would make a good base for life
Its even transparent
Don't have to breath
Can reproduce by cloning

There may be aliens living among us now
Who have always been here
They look like us
Just checking us out

Waiting to see how long it takes for us to blow ourselves up
Most civilizations eventually blow themselves up
Or kill themselves one way or the other.
I can just see the aliens placing bets on what year
We're gonna drop the big one.

Then after we have blown ourselves off the map
And quit poisoning the water
It will start to run pure again
It will get little microbes and stuff from outer space

And off we go again
I get tired of growing gills and turning fins into feet
Maybe we could do it a different way this time.
Let us lie around not moving
And let the Rocks be the Living Things

Wouldn't that be cool
I mean, we've got all the time in the world to do it
Over and over again
Till we get it right.

Does not sound like there is much intelligent life here now
We could use some even if it comes from outer space.

Come, my Space Brothers!
Show us how it's supposed to be done!

© 2010 Philip G. DeLoach

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

One Night A Wheel


One Night a Wheel

He stood in the edge of the forest
Next to a clearing
A wide expanse of just low grass with trees
On the opposite side.

A lake of grass surrounded by the dark green forest

He watched in rapt amazement at what was unfolding
Right in front of his eyes
A fiery colored arc rose slowly from behind the trees
On the opposite side of the field

It rose slowly until it was almost straight overhead

It was impossible to tell how big it was but it had to be gigantic
He could not see the ends of it
The lights were moving and changing and so bright
That it hurt his eyes to watch

But he kept his gaze intently on the arc

Then the arc slowly started to move, to rotate
It was like looking at the inside of a wheel
What he didn't know yet was that it was a wheel
It wasn't just an arc but a wheel that encircled the entire Earth

Sometimes the colors and lights would explode and send
Beams of light down to the ground
Wherever the beams hit people or animals
They would just disappear

As if they were taken inside the arc

A wheel that hovered and was made of seemingly nothing but colored light
Had to be extremely large to encircle the whole Earth.
It reminded him of stories he had heard of the Aurora Borealis
And how sometimes it would come down and take people away

Sometimes whole villages would disappear and not a living soul left behind
Even the dead were taken from the graveyards
This must be some kind of living light
A light with a mind

A light with a purpose.

We may not see the purpose or ever know the reason
For this light phenomena
It may reveal itself yet
Or we may never know the reason for it.

Is it a spaceship of some kind?
Is it a Celestial show that has a purpose that is beyond our comprehension?
Many people will never even see it
Many will experience it directly or indirectly

Some will become a part of it

Whatever it is and wherever it goes
One day it's purpose will be revealed to us
There are many things in this Universe that have explanations
That we cannot fathom

We are still the offspring of the Nephilim
The Bastard Children of the Gods
The Ancient Ones who left us to become what we have become
Or to die as we are very capable of doing

We are Celestial Orphans
The untouchables and contaminated
Not quite Gods and not quite Animals
We have no natural Habitat

We must prove ourselves one day.

And take our rightful place in the hierarchy of the Heavens.

© 2011 Philip G. DeLoach