Saturday, February 19, 2011

What is it Worth to You?

What is it Worth to You?

What does it take to make you
Learning the why and wherefore
Of why we even exist
Is the most important thing I've ever tried.

The most important things in the world
Go on not in the Capitals of Nations
And palaces of the Rich and Famous.
It's about what happens in your head and heart
It is worth more than all the gold on Earth.

To Know is better than to Have.
The battle that exists inside is happening
All over the Universe
"If I could Just..."
Where is the Love that you know exists
But is hidden from view?

I hate the idea of all things going away.
The fading of the flower
The ebbing of a life
I only hope that the end is just another beginning
Or that it is complete oblivion.

To completely cease to exist.
As if you never were.

The peace of never having to decide.
Never having to accept things the way they are
And having no way to change them.
My words travel outward

To places unknown and ears that have never heard
To touch a heart in a way that will change it forever.
There is good to be found in the world
So why is the evil so much more evident?

I know that Good and Evil are two sides of the same coin.
All is energy.
The value is in how it is used and
What you choose to do with it.

A major change is on the threshold
Happening whether we want it or not.
Cycles and circles take us from one level to another level
One life has to leave so another can take it's place.

Promises of politicians.
Dreams abandoned along the roadside.
Like so much litter
Our lives arrive in tatters of hope and unfulfilled desires.

To have one person who really understands you
And you can converse without even speaking a word.
The knowing without speaking
Is a type of relationship that is beyond time and space...

Words are just ways of describing or circumscribing the
Feelings we hold for one another. They cannot convey
The depth and breadth of the bond that cannot be broken.

If you find this, keep it.

You may never get another chance.

© 2010 Philip G. DeLoach

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