Saturday, December 14, 2013

Finding A Hole

I wish I could find a sunny spot
in a grove of trees.
Where there is the smell of pine and last year's oak leaves.
There would be a hole or burrow.
It would be lined with soft leaves and fur.

All worries, stress and troubles
will be left at the entrance to the burrow.
I will enter the burrow with a clear mind and an open heart.
No regrets, only Peace.

Sealed in my cozy place I can let go
and sleep the sleep of the innocents.
Nowhere to go.
Nothing to do.
Just sleep and Rest.

After days, months, possibly years I will come back out.
Feeling like my Soul has had a bath.
All the Negative and Painful things of life are gone now.

The hand of God has wiped away the tears that have been cried
over Mankind's Foolishness.

I just need to find that hole.

© Dec 2013 Philip G. DeLoach

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Of Leaf and Light

The shadow of leaves
dancing in the breeze
reflected in the patch of sunlight on my wall...
beckons me.

Tempting me to follow an idea
and an existence of light and shadow

Just when I think I know the Truth
it slips between my fingers.

Staying just beyond my reach it gives me small hints
of the Reality that exists in the unseen
and only briefly experienced.

Light and Shadow entwine to produce the illusion
of tangible being.

We soon will find that the Truth is;
all is Energy.

Creative Intelligence solidified and then
that solid matter eventually melts back into the vastness of the Universe

Creating more shadows on more walls.

© August, 2013 Philip G. DeLoach

Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Little Trip Through Space/Time

I remember waking up.
Wearing black leather clothes.
I never wear leather.
Maybe it was synthetic, I don't know.

A man in obvious Administration and
in control of the situation sat down and asked if we were comfortable.
I said "are you?"
He then had me promptly gagged.

He said we were taking a little trip.
A trip to a place where we "fit in" more appropriately.
I felt the cold steel on my wrists.
Tight but not uncomfortable.

Someone asked where we were going.
He said that is irrelevant.
There were small portholes that we could look out of.
We could tell that we were in space.

The Boss said that there had been a small accident on Earth.
We were being taken out of harm's way.
I then saw a glimpse of what looked like Earth.
I recognized the outline of the East Coast and Florida.
Everything was black and smoking.

I wondered what these stupid, soul-less idiots had done
to make the planet uninhabitable.
Flashes of all the beautiful and wondrous things that were back on Earth before.
I wondered if any survived.

The Boss said, It doesn't matter, we have preserved the DNA
of all the most desirable plants and animals.
Someone asked who ordered the destruction of the planet Earth.
The Boss said,"well, you, of course", and acted puzzled
that we were not aware of how this all came about.

You always wondered where you came from and how you got to Earth.
The same way you are now leaving Earth.
You wanted too much of everything.
You had wars over water and food and of course money and power.

You ended up destroying it all by trying to have it all.
Your leaders all lied to you.
You were never told the Truth.
They used your religious and racial differences
to create continual warfare.
Especially when you got anywhere near learning the truth.

So, now you finally know the truth.
But when you get to your new home all memories of where you came from will be erased.

And the cycle begins again.

To you it is millions of years, to us it is but only a moment of time.
A simple Diversion.
A Game as you call it.
We have enjoyed it for a long time.

Now let the new games begin…

© Aug. 3, 2013 Philip G. DeLoach

Monday, January 7, 2013



The Dance of Life swirls around us
like the winds of a cyclone.
We worry about the Future and
Wonder about the Past.

We miss the Present,
falling through the cracks.

Where are we headed?
Where have we really been?

Are our lives only Dreams?
When will we awaken?
Where will we be?

Our lives are like the Peanut Shells
littering the dingy floor of a bar.

Could it be that there is a pattern to all this?
Do you think we will see that pattern?
The Method to the Madness?

We live only in the millisecond of the moment.
The Past is gone, the Future does not exist.
There is only the Eternal Present.

We have lived so many lives they are like the water droplets
in a rain cloud.
We eventually come together
returning to Earth.

And start all over again…

©Jan 4, 2013 Philip G. DeLoach