Saturday, October 26, 2013

Of Leaf and Light

The shadow of leaves
dancing in the breeze
reflected in the patch of sunlight on my wall...
beckons me.

Tempting me to follow an idea
and an existence of light and shadow

Just when I think I know the Truth
it slips between my fingers.

Staying just beyond my reach it gives me small hints
of the Reality that exists in the unseen
and only briefly experienced.

Light and Shadow entwine to produce the illusion
of tangible being.

We soon will find that the Truth is;
all is Energy.

Creative Intelligence solidified and then
that solid matter eventually melts back into the vastness of the Universe

Creating more shadows on more walls.

© August, 2013 Philip G. DeLoach


Cindy Schnackel said...

Nice work, good to see you back, I know it's been a tough year.

Philip DeLoach said...

Tough is right!
Thanks for the comment! Glad you were one of my Internet friends who hung around! :-)


Philip DeLoach said...

Well the piles of junk are getting bigger at the new place and Smaller here. Slowly but surely our stuff s going to get moved. My sister is still here. My brother had to go back. We have been working our butts off. Sore all over. I've got Osteoarthritis in my right shoulder and Sciatica and back problems along with the normal problems of moving.
Found I can't keep my email address because in town the ISP is TimeWarner. I'm gonna try to set up a LAN network with wireless modem so she can use her computer in her room and I can have mine in my room & still both go through the same Internet Connection using a wireless modem. If I can figure out how to hook it all up.

I will be so glad when all this is over and life can return
to some kind of normal. If such a thing exists. I will email you and a few others who might care. I've alredy found that several of my "friends" have moved and left no forwarding address. So you should be getting something from me soon with new email, snailmail and everything.

Hope y'all are ok out there. Take care and good luck,

With all this moving I haven't seen the new place since it was empty. It looks like we may have more than places to put it. :-(