Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Speaking Out of Turn

We filled the void with Dark Matter, AntiMatter, and Whatsamatter
We have named the un-named, charted the uncharted.

Now we have even opened an Embassy in Havana.
At some point we even went to the moon, some people say.
Where have all the bees and butterflies gone? To AgriBigness every one.

Will we soon follow them?
Ask the Wizard. He knows everything.
He put the B in Buffalo.

With all this stuff that is going on.
We still find time to stop and kill the roses.

For every Daisy picked to play "he loves me, he loves me not",
a Supernova goes off somewhere in the great beyond.
A marvel to behold and we be holding it.

Peter Piper picked a peck of perfect pot,
and sold it on the market.
He was arrested the very next day because he was
practicing Medicine without a License.

That just shows to go ya….
You can't get high and low at the same time.

So why are we all just standing around?
Waiting for, "The Big One"?

It may just wait until it's really our turn….

© July 26, 2015 Philip G. DeLoach

Another Day, Another Dollar

Waking to the hum of an electromagnetic suburban fog
of microwaves spitting out their instant coffee,
frozen entrees, we head out for another pre-packaged day.

Kiss the wife, pat the dog and the kid.
Make sure you have your electronic helpers and your GPS guidance.
The Gadgets and Gizmos have taken the place of our brains.
Life is just a holographic shadow projected by our fears and desires.

Anything real is seen only in books and the poetry of the Awakened.

Work hard, play by the rules, raise a family of mindless children
who will grow up to be the wage slaves of the future.
They don't appreciate being born.
It is just the way things are.

Everything we believe is a collection of lies and half truths.
Our history has been re-written and edited to suit the current
mindset and geopolitical situation.

Our achievements are cherry picked from the morass of murder,
Imperialism, and corporate greed.

The American Way died many years ago. It only existed for
certain individuals of the correct complexion and religio-political persuasion.
For the rest of us it is work or unemployment or living at the whim of the state.

While the elite celebrate Independence day while they sip champagne and eat Caviar,
the rest of us have back yard barbecues and fireworks. Most Americans can not even
tell you why we celebrate the fourth of July. We lost our history.

So, Good Morning America!
Yesterday was Independence Day.
But we don't know who we are Independent of or why.
Our leaders are but Judas Goats leading us to slaughter.

Good Luck and God Speed.

©July 5, 2015 Philip G. DeLoach