Friday, November 4, 2011

Veni, Vidi ...

Veni Vidi...

And then I decided to go home
Home is where the hearth is
Food and warmth
I seem to be a fish out of water

But home was no longer there
The place was overgrown by old memories
that had no place in my world anymore
The rot and ruin is consuming the place
I once called home

A home left alone dies a slow death
with no footsteps or voices
the vibratory life of the house is sucked out
The house cries out in pain
But no one hears

No one but the snakes and the crows
the scavengers who come to pick the bones
of the dead and forgotten

The shadows of memories twist and curl
like vines of Kudzu
Overtaking everything in their path
You still see the shape of a house but
when you clear the vines away there is nothing left

Even the rats and cockroaches have abandoned the place

My life has gotten ahead of me
It is going faster than I can keep up
I still have things to do but can not seem
to find the time
So I mostly do nothing

One day the Sun will go down
and not come back up
everyone will wonder what happened
The Earth, our Mother for millions of years
is about to shake us off like fleas off a dog's back

A splendid End and a New Beginning
A little spark in a huge Galaxy
on an insignificant little planet

© Oct 29, 2011 Philip G. DeLoach

What is The Difference?

What is the difference?

What is the difference between a Mirror
and a Door?
We see what we see in both places.
We are in both places whether we see ourselves or not.

I see doors opening and people standing in doorways
In Mirrors and in Doorways.
Sometimes the people are not there
When I really look.

Who is to say which is real and which is mere reflection?
Where do I end and you begin?
I feel like I have lived for thousands of years.
I keep returning either to here or to somewhere completely different.

I pick a rose and the color and scent produces
a vision and emotion of a place and situation.
The scent and the situation blend into a whole.
For an instant I am transported
to another time and place.

Sitting on the porch of my grandfather's store.
Sipping a Coke that cost a nickel.
Swinging in the swing we had in the yard
that was given to us by my uncle's buddy from the War.

Roses were my mother's favorite flower.
I used to put roses that she grew herself
on her grave every Mother's Day.
Until all the roses were gone and I no longer lived there.
The grave is still there but the roses are gone.

Now even the house where we lived is gone too.
A victim of the Bulldozer.
Most of the places I ever lived in all my life are now gone.
Either destroyed by fire, tornado, bulldozers, or progress.

Progress is not always a good thing.
You can progress in the wrong direction.
Like in a War where you advance to the rear
or make a Tactical Withdrawal.

But what of Doors and Mirrors?
They are like the Smoke and Mirrors
That are used to convince us of our own reality.
A reality that does not really exist.

History is just lies and exaggerations.
If told long enough reality of the Past is just illusion.
Illusion that has been accepted as Truth just because
of Time and Consensus.

That shadowy figure you see standing in the doorway
from the corner of your eye may be you.
Looking for the reality that doesn't exist.
One day the Veil will be lifted.
One day we will see the Truth.

That day may be sooner than we think.

The world may have already ended.
We have just been too busy to notice.

The Roses still grow.

I am still in the Mirror when I look.

What do you do when you look and you
are no longer there?

© Oct 24, 2011 Philip G. DeLoach