Thursday, December 15, 2011

Spiral Wind

Spiral Wind

I feel the rush of the blue white wind.
Spiraling upward ... ever upward.
There is a chill running up my spine as I soar...
I am going up and disintegrating as I travel.

I am still whole, I am still me.
I can see, feel, hear, smell, touch,
but I cannot speak.
There are no words to describe the ascent.

There are places between places and places
Where inside and outside exist together.
The love of the Universe is so expansive
That time and space matter no more.

I am. ... I am here.
That is all that matters.

I know not the destination of this wind.
this maelstrom of sound light and movement,
blue, white, blue, white...
Swirls of rainbows interspersed.

The roar is so intense that it is melodic.
There is a background of celestial music
incased within the upward and outward movement.

The songs of millions of Angels all in perfect harmony
Sing to the Joy of Being.
It is a special gift to be able to hear these sounds
And to feel the wind that dis-assembles but does not harm you.

You are whole and you are free.
You have been delivered.
You have arrived.
Home at last.
I am going home.
Home is here now.

© Dec 2 2011 Philip G. DeLoach

Friday, November 4, 2011

Veni, Vidi ...

Veni Vidi...

And then I decided to go home
Home is where the hearth is
Food and warmth
I seem to be a fish out of water

But home was no longer there
The place was overgrown by old memories
that had no place in my world anymore
The rot and ruin is consuming the place
I once called home

A home left alone dies a slow death
with no footsteps or voices
the vibratory life of the house is sucked out
The house cries out in pain
But no one hears

No one but the snakes and the crows
the scavengers who come to pick the bones
of the dead and forgotten

The shadows of memories twist and curl
like vines of Kudzu
Overtaking everything in their path
You still see the shape of a house but
when you clear the vines away there is nothing left

Even the rats and cockroaches have abandoned the place

My life has gotten ahead of me
It is going faster than I can keep up
I still have things to do but can not seem
to find the time
So I mostly do nothing

One day the Sun will go down
and not come back up
everyone will wonder what happened
The Earth, our Mother for millions of years
is about to shake us off like fleas off a dog's back

A splendid End and a New Beginning
A little spark in a huge Galaxy
on an insignificant little planet

© Oct 29, 2011 Philip G. DeLoach

What is The Difference?

What is the difference?

What is the difference between a Mirror
and a Door?
We see what we see in both places.
We are in both places whether we see ourselves or not.

I see doors opening and people standing in doorways
In Mirrors and in Doorways.
Sometimes the people are not there
When I really look.

Who is to say which is real and which is mere reflection?
Where do I end and you begin?
I feel like I have lived for thousands of years.
I keep returning either to here or to somewhere completely different.

I pick a rose and the color and scent produces
a vision and emotion of a place and situation.
The scent and the situation blend into a whole.
For an instant I am transported
to another time and place.

Sitting on the porch of my grandfather's store.
Sipping a Coke that cost a nickel.
Swinging in the swing we had in the yard
that was given to us by my uncle's buddy from the War.

Roses were my mother's favorite flower.
I used to put roses that she grew herself
on her grave every Mother's Day.
Until all the roses were gone and I no longer lived there.
The grave is still there but the roses are gone.

Now even the house where we lived is gone too.
A victim of the Bulldozer.
Most of the places I ever lived in all my life are now gone.
Either destroyed by fire, tornado, bulldozers, or progress.

Progress is not always a good thing.
You can progress in the wrong direction.
Like in a War where you advance to the rear
or make a Tactical Withdrawal.

But what of Doors and Mirrors?
They are like the Smoke and Mirrors
That are used to convince us of our own reality.
A reality that does not really exist.

History is just lies and exaggerations.
If told long enough reality of the Past is just illusion.
Illusion that has been accepted as Truth just because
of Time and Consensus.

That shadowy figure you see standing in the doorway
from the corner of your eye may be you.
Looking for the reality that doesn't exist.
One day the Veil will be lifted.
One day we will see the Truth.

That day may be sooner than we think.

The world may have already ended.
We have just been too busy to notice.

The Roses still grow.

I am still in the Mirror when I look.

What do you do when you look and you
are no longer there?

© Oct 24, 2011 Philip G. DeLoach

Friday, October 28, 2011

What Do You Believe?

What Do You Believe?

I don't know about Astrology.
I know a little about Astronomy.
I know a little about Quantum Physics.
I believe we are everywhere all the time.

And every time, Past, Present, Future.
I was raised a Southern Baptist.
I have studied Eastern Philosophy.
I practiced Transcendental Meditation.

Wanted to be a monk until I found out
that there were no Baptist monks.
The Catholic Church didn't want me.
The Mormons did but I didn't want them.

I used to live practically next door to a
Pentecostal Snake Handling Church.
They took up poisonous serpents and
drank Strychnine in church services.

I have almost died several times
but I never had a Near Death Experience.
I do believe that something of us survives death.
I'm not really sure what or in what form.

I don't believe in traditional Reincarnation
I do believe I've been here at least 30,000 years.
I have experienced life through the eyes and ears of animals.
I have been a field mouse.
I have soared as a Red Tailed Hawk.

Life has no boundaries. All is connected.
On the subatomic level there is no difference between
me and my dog. We are intertwined.
Even rocks and trees are conscious on some level.

If you take all the empty space out of the Universe
it would probably fit into a thimble.
We live in a holographic Universe
where the Infinite is contained in the Finite
and the Finite is contained in the Infinite.

Everyone has experienced ESP or Clairvoyance
to one extent or another from time to time.
What if that was a common experience all the time?
There would be no secrets.
There would be no wars.

Language would be unnecessary because
Thought transference occurs in whatever language
the person receiving the thought thinks in.

What kind of world would we have with no borders
no walls, no boundaries and no hate.
Because hatred is born of ignorance
and there would be no ignorance.

Everyone would know everything.

The thoughts and feelings I have been having
Is that there is a coming reckoning.
A taking stock in where we are and how
we fit into the whole scheme of things.

There may well be disasters or wars.
Many people may die.
Some may possibly survive to repopulate the Earth.
Governments would be pointless then.
Armies would not exist any more.

Daily survival would be the only motivation.
In the Universal sense there is no Good or Evil
there is only what is.
And what I think that is is the Universal Mind of God.
There is nothing nor anybody that is outside that Mind.

As God said to Moses, "I am that I AM."
Alpha and Omega.
The Beginning and the End.
Nothing exists outside of the I AM.

© Oct 9 2011 Philip G. DeLoach

Monday, October 17, 2011

How Do You Leave It?

How Do You Leave It?

How can you let it go?
All the sights, sounds, smells, emotions
of a lifetime.
The people you have known and loved
and even the ones you didn't love
you remember them just the same.

The boxes and albums of yellowed photographs.
The treasured photos that you always meant to have
extra copies made
but didn't.

Many are photos so old that nobody but you
knows who the people are.
You always meant to go through and label them
but who has the time for that?


The sunny days lying on your back watching the clouds
turn into ponies and fierce dragons and marshmallow men.
The smell of freshly turned dirt in the Spring and
The musky crackle of the leaves in Autumn.

Lying in bed on a cool Summer night
looking out the window and watching the lightning bugs
light up the trees outside and listening to the plaintive call
of the Whippoorwills.

All the Christmas Mornings and the Thanksgiving Dinners at
Grandma's house. The scary stuff on spooky streets at Halloween.
The excitement of moving to new places and meeting new people.
The sadness of leaving old friends behind.

All these are memories, some good, some not so good.
But they are you. They are what made you, You.
When the time comes what happens to all this accumulated
information, visions, emotions, knowledge, experiences.
Do they all just fade away?

Your best friend is your best friend until you are separated for a time.
Then you find they are no longer your best friend.
They have moved on.
You have moved on but have clung to the memory.

Friends are only friends as long as you stay in touch.
Otherwise they fade like yesterday's flowers.
I don't want to give my life up.
If reincarnation exists then I want to remember
this life in my next one.

I know that many people I know I have known before
It is in the way that you have a subconscious "knowing"
that tells you we know who we are.

But everything that has a beginning
also has an end.
Even though the end is just a new beginning.

I am the keeper of my family's history.
I'm the pack-rat that kept everything.
I have no children.
I am one of the last of my family's line
that started back in the late 1600s.

The rest are dead.

Who will keep the history?

Who even knows the history?

Who even cares?

Maybe it's best that the line ends here.

© Oct. 12, 2011 Philip G. DeLoach

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Is It Time?

Is it Time?

It's hard to know
when it's time to go.
It's hard to say
when it's time to stay.

I've been thinking for a long time
I don't know if I'll even be missed.

Friends tend to fade away
when you're not in their faces
every day.

So let us take some time today
to remember those we let
slip away.

Gone but not forgotten
Is the way I would like
to think it will be.

But that's not how life works.
Absence does not make the heart grow fonder.
You're no longer here
but over yonder.

And we all know how far yonder is.
You can say I've gone to wandering.
Don't know if I'll ever be back.
Electronic friends you'll never lack.

They drift right in
Then fade  away again.
It's like they never were ...
Friends to the end.

Just makes me laugh.

At how stupid life can be.
It's all a cost
and nothing's free.
So when I go and not come back
take a piece of what you lack.

Remember you'll never have to
give it back.

© Oct 4 2011 Philip G. DeLoach

Friday, September 30, 2011

Going Up?

Going Up?

I think I am on a flight
do not know if it is a real flight or
a flight of fancy.

I know I have no baggage
I left it all at the station
with a tag marked
"To whom it may concern"

The food is not bad
Because there is no food
The drinks are a dime a dozen.
The little umbrellas are extra.

The in flight movie is a replay of my whole life.
Now where did they get that film footage?
And why is the background music Muzak versions
of old Andy Williams songs?

I look out the window and I see
the Earth spinning around underneath me
I think, "The people all look like ants"
Then I realize they are ants.

All living in a hive. Thousands of individuals
but with only one mind.
Survival of the flattest
Hide amongst the dead bodies of your comrades

I have forgotten my point of departure.
I have forgotten my destination.
I have forgotten the purpose of the flight.

I see strange and beautiful things passing by.
I see wars and rumors of wars passing by.
I see beginnings and endings and still
everything stays the same.

The ants do not seem to be aware of anything
except their task at hand.
Sometimes a butterfly or a firefly comes along
and the ants look up for an instant.

Then they go back to work.

They are completely oblivious of the coming disaster.
Floods, Plagues, Pestilence, Fire, Drought ...
They seem completely unaware of them.
They seem to think that anything that is ignored long enough
will not happen.

Well, it sounds like my flight is ending.
We are descending.
I feel happy and sad at the same time.
Seems like i missed a lot.

I slowly bring my seat to an upright position
and put my feet onto my bedroom carpet.
I wash the sleep from my eyes
I've got to get to work.

Where did that ant come from?
We've got to get the exterminator in here.

Another day, another dollar...

© Aug 27, 2011 Philip G. DeLoach

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cellar Door

Cellar Door

Open up the cellar door
There is something down there
That is not well
It is dry and thirsty
The well has run dry

There are roots in the cellar
I guess that is why they call it
A root cellar.
Maybe so but I don't know
I just no what I sea

All the roots go to one big tree
They say we all live there
In that big old tree
Do not know about that either

The tree has a lot of Rot in it
It needs a tree surgeon
To cut out the Rot
Nobody likes rotten trees

Grow your own branches
To leave or not to leave
Twigs are just little branches
Five will get you fifteen

Two heads are better than none
Some heads are here but
There is nothing in them
Air is where it's at

The strange fruit never falls
Far from the tree
The cellar is not the seller
It is a prison of souls

One day the Man will come
He will set us all free
He will let us go home
Home where our hearts are

The time is not now yet
But it is not far away
Just a puff of smoke from a big peace pipe
Time is on the road again
And eternity is just down the road a piece

I'll have a little eternity please
Don't tell me you are all sold out
Don't lie to me
I'm too sensitive for disappointment

I have a need to believe
In things I can't conceive
We can all join in
Make it a sing-a-long

Or maybe just wander away into
Other Universes
And multitudinous places to be
Besides here

Well, I guess it's neither here nor there
Because we're everywhere all the time
And time is on our side

Is it time to go now?
Are we there yet?

Wake me up when it's over...

© Aug. 29, 2011

Thursday, August 4, 2011



Gliding down a long dark corridor
Many doors on either side
But one large one at the end of the corridor
It seems so very far away

I am moving slow but progressing rapidly
Occasional movements in the corners of my eyes
Make me think that I am not alone
Out one door and in another

I keep drifting closer to the door
I think I know what is on the other side
I am afraid and elated at the same time
It could be Heaven or it could be Hell

It could be just another corridor
Do I smell the scent of Roses?
Or the smell of an uncertain and unproductive life?
Are my friends really my friends?

What will become of all the history and images
That I have collected in my 62 odd years?
Who will remember?
Who will care?

Everybody says they will but they won't
Everybody says that they do but they don't
Out of sight, out of mind
Absence does not make the heart grow fonder

It just puts space and indifference between you
And the life you hung on to
Clinging to people, places and things as if they were you

The door grows closer now
Ever closer
Do I see a faint light coming from the edges of the door?
Or are my eyes just fooling me into thinking it's there?

I reach for the door knob...
My hand goes through it
My body moves through it
I am on the other side

I am floating in space
I suddenly realize that  the door is illusory
When you travel through it what you experience
Is whatever you expect to experience

Now I can go any where, do anything, be anyone
Whatever my mind conceives becomes reality
And I know that sooner or later there will be another corridor

Will I remember this one?
Have I been here possibly many times before?

It can not be avoided
We all have a corridor and a door
And choices to be made

What will you choose?

© 2011 Philip G. DeLoach

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Time and the Traveler

Time and the Traveler

The Earth is my Mother.
The Sun is my Father.
The Wind is my Brother.
The Waters are my Sister.

I will ride the green Dragonfly
hovering over fields of Drought.
I will soar over mountaintops
in the body of an Eagle.

The Earth and Sky will meet
no longer separate
but will merge as Creator and Co-Creator
only then will all life celebrate
the oneness of all Creation.

I have been here before
done this many times before.
I do not want to do it again.

There are new places
new spaces
where verdant fields
flow with water pristine and clear as crystal.

All places are different
but still the same.
All only Energy vibrating at different Frequencies.

The Roy G BIV of light is only a speck
in the Spectrum.
The beautiful Rainbow reminds us
how limited we are in these bodies
that we have chosen this time around.

Wealth and Power are a fleeting flaw
in our choices of ways to live.
They are but an aberration.
Where is Croesus now?

Empires spring up and fade like last years flowers.
Still, life goes on
the planets revolve around one another.

Time does not March On,
Time spirals and twists like a serpent
in a Web of Energy.

Go as far as you can go
and you will find yourself along the way
and at your Destination.

Time and Space are irrelevant
on the level of Eternity and Spirit.

I am a weary traveler
not sure if I've always chosen the right path.
But all paths are the right path
because you choose it.

So if one day you hear an unfamiliar sound
or see something that shouldn't be there
it may be me just passing through.

That slight breeze on your cheek
in the dusky twilight
with lightning bugs blinking
their love signals
you may hear your name called.

It may be me reminding you that I am here
and will always be here
in some Place
and some Form.

Until I and my brothers and sisters
finally go home to where we all came from.
To the Light and Love of the Creative Intelligence
that you may call God.

© 2011 Philip G. DeLoach

Thursday, June 23, 2011



I want to take the Night Sky
And pull it down to me,
Wrapping myself in a blanket of Stars.
I will be taken -
I can go -

Taken up at the speed of a Musical Note
Played on a Celestial Keyboard.
Up into the Cold and Windy,
Into the Blanket of Blankness,
Where the Small Blue Jewel
Floats in the Black Soup.

Up where the Inside becomes the Outside,
And the Outside becomes the Inside.
Where the Silence is so loud
That Pain cannot be heard.
Where my Hair and Soul are blown
By Solar Winds.

With Sol on my Right,
And Luna on my Left,
I will become so large that -
I will Disappear . . . .

© 1984 Philip G. DeLoach

Sunday, June 19, 2011



The parade of deaths and dying people
litter my past.
My life  and the lives of most of my whole generation
are mostly gone now.

They are like bookmarks in my own personal
Book of Life.
The good times, the bad times were all a quest.
A quest for something to believe in.

Something to hold on to.

I feel as if everything is slipping from my grasp
And I am at the mercy of Time and people
that I really do not trust.

People see me in different places.
They always ask "How are you?"
But they really don't want to know.
They don't have time for it.

Besides they have their own troubles.

So do you fall back on Faith?
Faith in the unseen?
Or do you look for tangible evidence that
something exists outside the realm of this lifetime?

What is considered tangible? All life is nothing but energy.
Vibrating at different frequencies.
Everything that has ever been or ever will be is already here.
Is there a doorway to these other worlds?

Is there an Earth where only Peace and Harmony exists?
Is there a doorway somewhere so you can go to where there is no war
and no crime and people help each other?

Who will save my bookmarks after I'm gone?

© 2011 Philip G. DeLoach

Friday, June 10, 2011



The fat Corporate Maggot
plays the ribs of the starving children
like a Xylophone.

He whistles while he works.
He's happy in his job.
We got too many kids anyway.

He gently lifts the pennies off the
dead man's eyes.
"He can't spend 'em anyway."
"Not where he's going."

Don't these Maggots have children of their own
who will eventually come in contact with the very poisons
their fathers produce?

Maybe they are so far from any dirty place or they are born
with a natural immunity?
I wonder what it's like inside those Gated Communities
With their armed guards?

They never see anybody who is not like themselves.
They never know the creatures that slink and skulk outside their gate.
Those "untouchables" that are just lazy.
They like being dirty and smelly.

The Maggots have no souls.
How could they?
A person with a soul and a heart
Could not cause such suffering and pain.

And not miss a wink of sleep at night.

They learn early on to pass the buck.
So that when the damage is done and the people and animals
are dying they can say "It wasn't me!" And they actually believe it!

The eye of a needle is very small.
And liars and thieves who these Maggots are
will have a hard time passing through.

I hope if there is a God that these Maggots will
get what they deserve.
Sooner rather than later.

© 2011 Philip G. DeLoach

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Morpheus and The Sleepers


Morpheus and the Sleepers

I wonder what the people do
Who do not sleep the way I do
What is it that you do
Alone at night?

I listen to old jazz, blues, classic rock music
Music that makes sense
Music that takes me back to days of sane insanity.

In my mind I see images of places I've never been
and people I've never known.
The gold of fields of grain with waves like ocean waves
and the songs of the Meadowlark and Killdeer

The sun is warm on my face and I smell the ripening earth
as spring rains have awakened the stored energy in seeds
of trees and flowers and plants about to be.

Life goes on whether we are here to see or not.
That essence of movement and time and the creative spark
That keeps the stars in their places and the circles and cycles
of life play out in the songs of every living thing in one way or another.

I feel the texture of leather on my skin.
I am wearing deer-hide clothing
Buckskin and beads.
Everything smells of wood-smoke and sweat

I wish that I could be in other places and other lives I know I have lived
I know the heft and smell and color and weight of carrying a musket rifle
I know the deafening explosion of sound and the singing of lead balls as
they carry out their mission of death on the battlefield.

Dear Mother, I write, I am fine , even though she knows I am not.
I want so badly to be back home where my heart and home is
but I have to kill or be killed. The Mourning Dove sings her song
of sorrow for the dead and dying. I don't know if I will ever see home again.

There are doors through which we can sometimes go that show us
where we have been and who we have been. Even doors that show us
who we will be in some future world that may not even be on this planet.

There is a key and a keeper of the key.
The keeper in not an easy person to convince to let you have the
use of that key. But sometimes if he feels it will further you along your path he may let you take a peek. Just enough to keep you seeking the truth of your existence.
You may not like what you see. You may not like who you are.

But your choices make you who and what you are.
If you live a life of luxury it may be a prelude to a life of slavery and back breaking
work for no pay and little food. You can go either way. You can go both ways. There are infinite ways to go and we may go all of them at one time or another.

I don't know why I write this stuff. I don't know if anyone understands or even cares.
It has nothing to do with money. One day I hope to be able to write what is really inside me so that others can actually see and feel what I feel.

Until then all I can do is ramble on and try to describe life. What I call life.

© 2011 Philip G. DeLoach

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The First Step

The First Step

I am standing in a doorway.
It opens onto a vast horizon of cosmic beauty.
Nearby our own Nature is busily doing what it is meant to do.
Fulfilling it's destiny.

Some creatures live only a few days.
Some live for over a thousand years.
The world is poised to see what direction we all take
when we take that step into the next phase of existence.

We have the power to create a paradise on Earth.
And we have the power to totally destroy the whole planet.
A toss of the dice.
But who holds the dice?

It certainly is not me or anyone I know.
How can they do what they are doing without one thought
to the consequences of their actions?
They somehow think that lies and appearances are all that matter.

It goes much deeper than that.
How many others are standing in this same doorway?
Pondering the future of mankind and every other species of life
on this planet?

I feel a hollow place in my heart and a sadness for all the creatures
who are going to die without ever knowing why and through no
fault of their own. Do the corporate Puppet-masters know something
we don't know?
Do they have another planet already picked out and made livable
so that when this one goes they will just leave us to die and be gone.

I would like to live to see the Destroyers be brought to justice.
I don't think I will see that.
Not because it is so far away in the future but because I think
when the time comes there will be so much chaos that it will be
every man for himself.

It may turn out that after the dust settles in a few thousand years
Some survivors of the change will re-create a world where people and
animals and Earth all live as one creature.
Hopefully the sins of mankind will have evolved out of us.

Do you think that there is a possibility that it will happen this way?

I cannot see the future but I feel that we have dropped the straw
that breaks the camel's back.

He's the same camel that has to pass through the eye of the needle.

I do not feel very optimistic personally.

It seems a shame to waste a perfectly good Earth....

© 2011 Philip G. DeLoach

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Don't Go There

Don't Go There

You look at a handsome face, chiseled features and
eyes that see into your very soul.
He smiles a pleasant smile ... Just like an Undertaker.

He shows you all of your options and benefits galore.
His words lull you with his double-talk.

You look at him and he looks so normal
but something is not right.
As you look at him you glance past him
through the open window behind him.

A Raven sits perched on a post outside.
Unmoving except for the occasional blinking of his eyes.
You do not know how but you know he is there to warn you.

The lure of what the stranger says fills your mind and takes
your reason.
It all sounds right. It all sounds great and best of all it doesn't
cost you a cent.

All you have to do is follow his instructions.

Just as you start to sign your name you happen to glance
toward the window. You see the Raven again.
His mouth is moving but no sound is heard.

But somehow, someway, you know that what he is saying is ...

Don't go there.

© 2011 Philip G. DeLoach

Monday, April 4, 2011

Wake Me When The War Is Over

Wake me When the War is Over

If I happen to be asleep as the bombs start dropping
and the Earth starts to split and spew forth the toxins we have filled her with.
When the Great Lakes merge with the Great Mississippi
please just let me sleep.

I won't mind missing the colored lights and fireworks displays.
I won't mind seeing country after county submerge to become future myths like Atlantis.
After all, the sights and sounds are just ripples in time and in the greater scheme of things only a whisper of What Could Have Been turning into What Never Happened.

I will miss my keepsakes. The faded photos of a family that never really existed for me.
Little gadgets and Gizmos that whir and spin and do nothing much of value except to entertain a child. The valuable things in life are the things you cannot keep forever. You eventually have to turn them in or give them away.

You think you are in control of your life. You think that destiny and the desires of other have no effect on you. Don't be fooled. Every flick of the web affects every other strand.
You sneeze and a Galaxy dies. But it lives on as a Supernova that creates new suns and planets that grow and die again.

When you hear the thud and the zing and the bang of the bullets hitting walls ricocheting and hitting the sides of automobiles think of raindrops on roses and let me sleep the sleep of all dreamers who came before and dreamed better futures for us all.
Maybe those futures will really materialize. They may exist already. We just can't see them. Let me drift down that calm river into the shadows of the places of history and fantasy where King Arthur and Merlin once walked the Earth.

This world is too real. It is insane and dirty and tortured by the humans who infect it with their incessant greed and corruption. How do we expect the world to keep tolerating the abuse we are inflicting upon it? Do the rich have another planet they have already prepared to take them in when this planet is no longer livable?

We have seen great civilizations come and go. Over thousands of years. They follow the same path always thinking that the same fate does not await them. We are smarter than the ancients. We are actually more ignorant and more callous than any civilization that has ever existed.

I just want to be dreaming of worlds where greed, violence, lust for power do not exist. I do think that it is possible but not in this world. I think we have gone too far into the hate and corruption to atone or make amends. I think our time is just about over here.
If I am asleep, no matter where I am, please wake me when the war is over.

© 2011 Philip G. DeLoach

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Have You Seen The Ships?

Have You Seen The Ships?

Have you seen the Ships, ...the ships?
The ships who left us here so long ago.
The ones who left us as Aboriginal Orphans
Innocents in a Cosmic Chess Game

Don't you feel their presence?
the ever present unseen eyes of the Overseers
watching and waiting.
The Earth, our Mother, awaits within..
They wait without.

Will we ever evolve enough to join them as equals?
Or will we destroy ourselves before as most do?
When we miss the point we miss the boat as well.
Laugh! Laugh all you want you ignorant skeptics!
We will see who is right and who is wrong.

There is so much more to life than this worldly existence.
There are an Infinity of worlds, Universes, "I"s, "We"s, "They"s
At every decision point in your life
you create an infinity of new you's and an infinity of new paths to other worlds,
other lives, other existences. You are only aware of the one path you are
currently on now. The others are just as real and just as now.

Sometimes do you have days where you feel that you are not really here?
Days I call Brain Fog.
Those are days where you are between existences.
Partially here and partially there.
Sometimes we learn from those other "Us"s in other worlds.

I have had dreams in which I was the Doer.
And I was an Observer of the Doer.
And I was an even bigger me who was observing the Observer watching the Doer.
We are all the same.
We exist in many places at the same time.

When we evolve enough to recognize that, then maybe we will see
that God as we think of God is nothing like what we were taught.
God is a much more Powerful and Benevolent force of Creativity.
We give God the power to be alive and to experience life because he/she/it lives through us and experiences what we all experience.

Without us God would be a formless and blank expression of Intelligence.
All dressed up with nowhere to go.
And nothing to feel.
I don't think he/she/it would like that.
Do you?

The ships have been sailing for eons.
They have been around longer than the Earth.
They and others have interactions with like voyagers.
Some good and some bad.
Good and bad as we define it.

Every move you make and every thought you think
changes everything in the Universe because everything is connected
to everything else in multiple ways.
Some obvious and some not so obvious.

You are what you think.
You are what you believe.
Miracles happen every day.
Watch and you may see them.

Have you seen the Ships?

They are there.

© 2011 Philip G. DeLoach

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Night Flights

Night Flights

The smell of dew laden pine needles and loamy earth
enter my nose as I breathe in the morning.
I hear the Sun send its exploratory beams through the trees
It turns the sky rose pink, waking the birds
to sing their greeting songs to the day.

Dew drops hang on a spider web like crystals on a chandelier.
The Spider prepares for its breakfast then repairs the damage
done in the carnage of the night's feasting.

I awake, wonder how I got to this place and why I am here.
I have no memory of what led me to sleep in the woods.
It is a familiar place where I come often on my walks to get away.
A large boulder makes a perfect chair.
I sit, lean back and watch the clouds and sky
through the holes between the treetops and leaves.

I walk down the familiar path past the old dead tree with the root ball
forming a hump beside the trail. The dirt has eroded away leaving
mostly rocks and roots and other small plants that have taken root among
the remains of the old tree.

I cross the creek and come finally to the edge of the forest where the pasture
that leads to our house begins.
But, something is wrong.
Nothing looks familiar any more.

Our house is not there. The orchard is also gone.
There are buildings. Many of them. Strange buildings
That do not look like normal houses.
I must have been gone a lot longer than I thought.

It seems I have come upon the same place as before but
At a different time or dimension.

Even the strange dwellings and people have a certain familiarity to them.
The buildings look more like they are from the future than the past
because I have seen old architecture and this is like nothing I have seen before.

I am suddenly and startlingly confronted with the figure of someone else.
Immediately in front of me and coming toward me.
He evidently did not see me.
I looked at him but he just looked through me.

That odd familiarity came tingling up my spine.
Who or what is this being?
Why can't he see me?
I then realize that the figure I just encountered was myself.

Another me from another time and space.
I decided to follow him into the woods.
He walked the same familiar path that I had walked so many times before.
He came to the sitting rock that the trail passes on it's way further up the hill.

He did not sit. He just came to a stop in the trail.
He reached out and opened a door.
A door in the woods!
A door that you could not even see!

He stepped through it and closed it behind him.
I tried hurriedly to find the door and follow him through
but there was no door there.
I waited for what seemed like an Eternity.
It may have been an Eternity the way time worked in this crazy place.

Another door opened and the other me stepped out and headed home.
I saw no point in following him any more. I needed to find my way back
to my time and place in the Universe.

I walked over to the sitting stone, sat down and pondered
on how I would get home.
Suddenly I felt a strange sensation.
I realized that I was melting or merging with the rock.

I watched as my body disappeared into the rock.
I could still see and hear but I could not speak or move.
At that point I just sat and watched the seasons change like channel surfing
on a TV set. Time speeded up tremendously.
I watched everything around me change. I watched whole civilizations
come and go. Strange and exotic creatures appeared and disappeared.

The Earth seemed to be spinning like a top.
I watched the stars streak past in the sky as if they were all shooting stars.
Then everything started slowing down.
It got slower and slower until I was able to see the door again.

It opened into an entirely new and different Universe.
All things were changed.
There was peace for the first time since the Garden.
The only thing that was missing from Paradise was


© 2011 Philip G. DeLoach

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Living in the Rain

Living in the Rain

The old oval photograph of someone's dead ancestor
Sits in a pile of junk
The glass is cracked, the paint peeling from the frame
This man had a life once.

He had a wife and was a husband
He knew pain and joy
His life covered many years of our not too distant past
Even the clothes he wore are in some trunk somewhere.

Waiting for the rag pickers and the
Vultures of the flea market
To try to make a buck off the life of someone
Who was once a loved one.

We have people like that today.
Living portraits of people who once had lives
Now they stand in the rain
"I will work for food" the sign says.

They sleep in a box and get packed away
Out of sight, out of mind
They can barely remember having a life themselves
They just want a warm dry place to sleep.

You must not look too deeply into their dead eyes
You may get swept away into the nothing of their existence
Give them a handful of change and be on your way
They drink to forget what they can't remember.

The rain does not wash them clean
The dirt they have is soul deep
They missed the boat
Dropped the ball

There are more of them now.
Whole armies of them all over the world
People who are memories of themselves
They can not even remember how old they are.

They are the leftovers
The lost and missing in action of all the wars
For Freedom we have fought...
They are free now.

Free to be the unseen and barely here
They survived the War but are slowly being killed by the Peace
They gave their all because they thought that was
What they were supposed to do.

They believed the same lies that all soldiers believe
That killing for Peace and Security actually works
Then they come home used up.
No longer needed or wanted.

They, like the old oval photograph
Fall prey to the rag pickers and flea market vultures.
The rain keeps falling
They keep standing until they finally disappear.

And no one even notices that they are gone.

Pax Amerika

© 2011 Philip G. DeLoach

Saturday, February 19, 2011

What is it Worth to You?

What is it Worth to You?

What does it take to make you
Learning the why and wherefore
Of why we even exist
Is the most important thing I've ever tried.

The most important things in the world
Go on not in the Capitals of Nations
And palaces of the Rich and Famous.
It's about what happens in your head and heart
It is worth more than all the gold on Earth.

To Know is better than to Have.
The battle that exists inside is happening
All over the Universe
"If I could Just..."
Where is the Love that you know exists
But is hidden from view?

I hate the idea of all things going away.
The fading of the flower
The ebbing of a life
I only hope that the end is just another beginning
Or that it is complete oblivion.

To completely cease to exist.
As if you never were.

The peace of never having to decide.
Never having to accept things the way they are
And having no way to change them.
My words travel outward

To places unknown and ears that have never heard
To touch a heart in a way that will change it forever.
There is good to be found in the world
So why is the evil so much more evident?

I know that Good and Evil are two sides of the same coin.
All is energy.
The value is in how it is used and
What you choose to do with it.

A major change is on the threshold
Happening whether we want it or not.
Cycles and circles take us from one level to another level
One life has to leave so another can take it's place.

Promises of politicians.
Dreams abandoned along the roadside.
Like so much litter
Our lives arrive in tatters of hope and unfulfilled desires.

To have one person who really understands you
And you can converse without even speaking a word.
The knowing without speaking
Is a type of relationship that is beyond time and space...

Words are just ways of describing or circumscribing the
Feelings we hold for one another. They cannot convey
The depth and breadth of the bond that cannot be broken.

If you find this, keep it.

You may never get another chance.

© 2010 Philip G. DeLoach

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Got a Dollar?

Got a Dollar?

I want to scream...
I want to scream so loud that the people in the next county
Can hear the frustration
I feel like I should be celebrating some recent good fortune
Instead I feel guilty because I feel like shit.

Wandering around wondering what to do
This or that
Up or Down
Art/ Poetry/ Music
Who cares?
I mean, who really the fuck cares?

Work for food
Work for space
Work for work
Work until you drop

Every cell in my body is screaming
Leave me alone!
Leave me alone I said!!
I need to find some Peace

I don't mean relaxation or rest
I mean Peace
I need a little Nirvana and some transcendental oblivion
If only for a little while

I love you go away...
Please don't leave me alone
But please don't touch me
Just be with me
Just be

With me.

It feels like my Muse has turned into a charging water buffalo
About to grind my bones to dust if I don't do something
Anything to relieve the pressure.
Too much to think about
Too much to remember

Have to be an adult
But I don't want to be an adult
There will be fire in the sky
There will be floods and famine
Disease and death
The face of Death is on so many people now and
They don't even know it.

Life is just normal just like always
Life has never been normal for me
What the Hell is normal?
Tell me and I'll give you a Dollar

If I had teeth I think I could bite through steel chains
I want to see farther than even the farthest image of telescopes
I want to see why life is so hard
They say I should quit worrying so much

That is like telling a starving man
To stop feeling hungry
I want to tell you how I feel
Show you how I feel
Make you feel how I feel

Did you know we will probably all be dead in a few years anyway
So none of this matters...
It matters to me now
And now is all I have.

Tomorrow is another day
But which day will it be?
First, last, middle?

The wet and cold light that shines
Through brick and stone
Seeks the seeker
Hope the Warm white Light finds me first.

Turn the world on it's side
Hit it with Asteroids
Blow up some volcanoes
Turn Mountains into Molehills
The Moles won't mind.

If we could just fly
If we could fly to a high place with crystal cathedrals and golden thrones
Just like in the books
You know the books
The ones with all the secrets in them.

Why is it always a secret?
Why do they hide it away?
Why can't we just know what to do?

Maybe there are no secrets
Maybe everything is so obvious that we can't see it
Because we are still stupid animals
We have to earn our souls
By the amount of pain we can endure

And the amount of Love that we create
How much is enough?

Follow the Yellow Brick Road
Follow the Drinking Gourd
Follow the Leader
Follow your heart

The stream will lead you out of the dark forest
The path has always been there
You just did not notice it
The rules got in the way

Everybody knows the Truth
But they want to hear it from some one else
Just to be sure
Just to see if their Truth is the same as the other's
It is not my Truth
I have my own.

I will tell you a secret

There are no secrets.

There are only Truths unnoticed.

None of this will matter anyway one day
When all we know and all we have will be wiped away.
We will become the wisps of colored gasses that drift through space
Coagulating into new Planets and Suns
Shining our light onto another world of lost souls

Looking for a reason for their existence.

We will know the answer
We will know the Secret
We will tell them

For a Dollar.

© 2011 Philip G. DeLoach

Water in the Desert

Water in the Desert

It is no accident that underneath one of the driest deserts on Earth
There are underground Rivers of water
Flowing from where flowing to where?
Discovered by accident by orbiting satellites.

We have so much water on this planet but so little available
That can sustain life

We now know that certain life forms do not require sunlight or carbon
They live by consuming Arsenic
I wonder if they may be intelligent?
How do you tell if a protozoa or bacteria is an intelligent life form?
We need a new set of criteria that defines intelligent life

Right now we do not even have a good definition of what a living thing is
Some things act alive but aren't
Some things don't act alive but are
Politicians fall into that category.

Some of the life-forms that we have already destroyed
May have been intelligent life forms
Now we will never know
We may have already met intelligent life from outer space

Thought it was a weird looking bug
Squashed it under our heel.

The water is the thing
Our scientists say "gotta have water"
Life can not exist without water.
Why not?
Because we think everything in the Universe has to work like Earth

Silicon would make a good base for life
Its even transparent
Don't have to breath
Can reproduce by cloning

There may be aliens living among us now
Who have always been here
They look like us
Just checking us out

Waiting to see how long it takes for us to blow ourselves up
Most civilizations eventually blow themselves up
Or kill themselves one way or the other.
I can just see the aliens placing bets on what year
We're gonna drop the big one.

Then after we have blown ourselves off the map
And quit poisoning the water
It will start to run pure again
It will get little microbes and stuff from outer space

And off we go again
I get tired of growing gills and turning fins into feet
Maybe we could do it a different way this time.
Let us lie around not moving
And let the Rocks be the Living Things

Wouldn't that be cool
I mean, we've got all the time in the world to do it
Over and over again
Till we get it right.

Does not sound like there is much intelligent life here now
We could use some even if it comes from outer space.

Come, my Space Brothers!
Show us how it's supposed to be done!

© 2010 Philip G. DeLoach

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

One Night A Wheel


One Night a Wheel

He stood in the edge of the forest
Next to a clearing
A wide expanse of just low grass with trees
On the opposite side.

A lake of grass surrounded by the dark green forest

He watched in rapt amazement at what was unfolding
Right in front of his eyes
A fiery colored arc rose slowly from behind the trees
On the opposite side of the field

It rose slowly until it was almost straight overhead

It was impossible to tell how big it was but it had to be gigantic
He could not see the ends of it
The lights were moving and changing and so bright
That it hurt his eyes to watch

But he kept his gaze intently on the arc

Then the arc slowly started to move, to rotate
It was like looking at the inside of a wheel
What he didn't know yet was that it was a wheel
It wasn't just an arc but a wheel that encircled the entire Earth

Sometimes the colors and lights would explode and send
Beams of light down to the ground
Wherever the beams hit people or animals
They would just disappear

As if they were taken inside the arc

A wheel that hovered and was made of seemingly nothing but colored light
Had to be extremely large to encircle the whole Earth.
It reminded him of stories he had heard of the Aurora Borealis
And how sometimes it would come down and take people away

Sometimes whole villages would disappear and not a living soul left behind
Even the dead were taken from the graveyards
This must be some kind of living light
A light with a mind

A light with a purpose.

We may not see the purpose or ever know the reason
For this light phenomena
It may reveal itself yet
Or we may never know the reason for it.

Is it a spaceship of some kind?
Is it a Celestial show that has a purpose that is beyond our comprehension?
Many people will never even see it
Many will experience it directly or indirectly

Some will become a part of it

Whatever it is and wherever it goes
One day it's purpose will be revealed to us
There are many things in this Universe that have explanations
That we cannot fathom

We are still the offspring of the Nephilim
The Bastard Children of the Gods
The Ancient Ones who left us to become what we have become
Or to die as we are very capable of doing

We are Celestial Orphans
The untouchables and contaminated
Not quite Gods and not quite Animals
We have no natural Habitat

We must prove ourselves one day.

And take our rightful place in the hierarchy of the Heavens.

© 2011 Philip G. DeLoach