Thursday, June 23, 2011



I want to take the Night Sky
And pull it down to me,
Wrapping myself in a blanket of Stars.
I will be taken -
I can go -

Taken up at the speed of a Musical Note
Played on a Celestial Keyboard.
Up into the Cold and Windy,
Into the Blanket of Blankness,
Where the Small Blue Jewel
Floats in the Black Soup.

Up where the Inside becomes the Outside,
And the Outside becomes the Inside.
Where the Silence is so loud
That Pain cannot be heard.
Where my Hair and Soul are blown
By Solar Winds.

With Sol on my Right,
And Luna on my Left,
I will become so large that -
I will Disappear . . . .

© 1984 Philip G. DeLoach

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