Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Time and the Traveler

Time and the Traveler

The Earth is my Mother.
The Sun is my Father.
The Wind is my Brother.
The Waters are my Sister.

I will ride the green Dragonfly
hovering over fields of Drought.
I will soar over mountaintops
in the body of an Eagle.

The Earth and Sky will meet
no longer separate
but will merge as Creator and Co-Creator
only then will all life celebrate
the oneness of all Creation.

I have been here before
done this many times before.
I do not want to do it again.

There are new places
new spaces
where verdant fields
flow with water pristine and clear as crystal.

All places are different
but still the same.
All only Energy vibrating at different Frequencies.

The Roy G BIV of light is only a speck
in the Spectrum.
The beautiful Rainbow reminds us
how limited we are in these bodies
that we have chosen this time around.

Wealth and Power are a fleeting flaw
in our choices of ways to live.
They are but an aberration.
Where is Croesus now?

Empires spring up and fade like last years flowers.
Still, life goes on
the planets revolve around one another.

Time does not March On,
Time spirals and twists like a serpent
in a Web of Energy.

Go as far as you can go
and you will find yourself along the way
and at your Destination.

Time and Space are irrelevant
on the level of Eternity and Spirit.

I am a weary traveler
not sure if I've always chosen the right path.
But all paths are the right path
because you choose it.

So if one day you hear an unfamiliar sound
or see something that shouldn't be there
it may be me just passing through.

That slight breeze on your cheek
in the dusky twilight
with lightning bugs blinking
their love signals
you may hear your name called.

It may be me reminding you that I am here
and will always be here
in some Place
and some Form.

Until I and my brothers and sisters
finally go home to where we all came from.
To the Light and Love of the Creative Intelligence
that you may call God.

© 2011 Philip G. DeLoach

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