Sunday, April 17, 2011

Don't Go There

Don't Go There

You look at a handsome face, chiseled features and
eyes that see into your very soul.
He smiles a pleasant smile ... Just like an Undertaker.

He shows you all of your options and benefits galore.
His words lull you with his double-talk.

You look at him and he looks so normal
but something is not right.
As you look at him you glance past him
through the open window behind him.

A Raven sits perched on a post outside.
Unmoving except for the occasional blinking of his eyes.
You do not know how but you know he is there to warn you.

The lure of what the stranger says fills your mind and takes
your reason.
It all sounds right. It all sounds great and best of all it doesn't
cost you a cent.

All you have to do is follow his instructions.

Just as you start to sign your name you happen to glance
toward the window. You see the Raven again.
His mouth is moving but no sound is heard.

But somehow, someway, you know that what he is saying is ...

Don't go there.

© 2011 Philip G. DeLoach


Barbara said...

shades of poe, in a modern-day setting. chilling, really. "don't go there" is today's "nevermore." good poem.

PhilipD said...

Thanks for your comment! :-)


Anonymous said...

I like this, Philip. It does have a hint of Poe, but it is definitely your own style. This warns us all to heed that inner feeling that says something is not quite right about this.

PhilipD said...

Charlie, it may be genetic. My mother's brother's name was Edgar Anderson Poe. His father was Edgar Hubert Poe. Thanks for the comment! :-)