Monday, April 4, 2011

Wake Me When The War Is Over

Wake me When the War is Over

If I happen to be asleep as the bombs start dropping
and the Earth starts to split and spew forth the toxins we have filled her with.
When the Great Lakes merge with the Great Mississippi
please just let me sleep.

I won't mind missing the colored lights and fireworks displays.
I won't mind seeing country after county submerge to become future myths like Atlantis.
After all, the sights and sounds are just ripples in time and in the greater scheme of things only a whisper of What Could Have Been turning into What Never Happened.

I will miss my keepsakes. The faded photos of a family that never really existed for me.
Little gadgets and Gizmos that whir and spin and do nothing much of value except to entertain a child. The valuable things in life are the things you cannot keep forever. You eventually have to turn them in or give them away.

You think you are in control of your life. You think that destiny and the desires of other have no effect on you. Don't be fooled. Every flick of the web affects every other strand.
You sneeze and a Galaxy dies. But it lives on as a Supernova that creates new suns and planets that grow and die again.

When you hear the thud and the zing and the bang of the bullets hitting walls ricocheting and hitting the sides of automobiles think of raindrops on roses and let me sleep the sleep of all dreamers who came before and dreamed better futures for us all.
Maybe those futures will really materialize. They may exist already. We just can't see them. Let me drift down that calm river into the shadows of the places of history and fantasy where King Arthur and Merlin once walked the Earth.

This world is too real. It is insane and dirty and tortured by the humans who infect it with their incessant greed and corruption. How do we expect the world to keep tolerating the abuse we are inflicting upon it? Do the rich have another planet they have already prepared to take them in when this planet is no longer livable?

We have seen great civilizations come and go. Over thousands of years. They follow the same path always thinking that the same fate does not await them. We are smarter than the ancients. We are actually more ignorant and more callous than any civilization that has ever existed.

I just want to be dreaming of worlds where greed, violence, lust for power do not exist. I do think that it is possible but not in this world. I think we have gone too far into the hate and corruption to atone or make amends. I think our time is just about over here.
If I am asleep, no matter where I am, please wake me when the war is over.

© 2011 Philip G. DeLoach

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