Friday, September 30, 2011

Going Up?

Going Up?

I think I am on a flight
do not know if it is a real flight or
a flight of fancy.

I know I have no baggage
I left it all at the station
with a tag marked
"To whom it may concern"

The food is not bad
Because there is no food
The drinks are a dime a dozen.
The little umbrellas are extra.

The in flight movie is a replay of my whole life.
Now where did they get that film footage?
And why is the background music Muzak versions
of old Andy Williams songs?

I look out the window and I see
the Earth spinning around underneath me
I think, "The people all look like ants"
Then I realize they are ants.

All living in a hive. Thousands of individuals
but with only one mind.
Survival of the flattest
Hide amongst the dead bodies of your comrades

I have forgotten my point of departure.
I have forgotten my destination.
I have forgotten the purpose of the flight.

I see strange and beautiful things passing by.
I see wars and rumors of wars passing by.
I see beginnings and endings and still
everything stays the same.

The ants do not seem to be aware of anything
except their task at hand.
Sometimes a butterfly or a firefly comes along
and the ants look up for an instant.

Then they go back to work.

They are completely oblivious of the coming disaster.
Floods, Plagues, Pestilence, Fire, Drought ...
They seem completely unaware of them.
They seem to think that anything that is ignored long enough
will not happen.

Well, it sounds like my flight is ending.
We are descending.
I feel happy and sad at the same time.
Seems like i missed a lot.

I slowly bring my seat to an upright position
and put my feet onto my bedroom carpet.
I wash the sleep from my eyes
I've got to get to work.

Where did that ant come from?
We've got to get the exterminator in here.

Another day, another dollar...

© Aug 27, 2011 Philip G. DeLoach

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