Tuesday, February 1, 2011

One Night A Wheel


One Night a Wheel

He stood in the edge of the forest
Next to a clearing
A wide expanse of just low grass with trees
On the opposite side.

A lake of grass surrounded by the dark green forest

He watched in rapt amazement at what was unfolding
Right in front of his eyes
A fiery colored arc rose slowly from behind the trees
On the opposite side of the field

It rose slowly until it was almost straight overhead

It was impossible to tell how big it was but it had to be gigantic
He could not see the ends of it
The lights were moving and changing and so bright
That it hurt his eyes to watch

But he kept his gaze intently on the arc

Then the arc slowly started to move, to rotate
It was like looking at the inside of a wheel
What he didn't know yet was that it was a wheel
It wasn't just an arc but a wheel that encircled the entire Earth

Sometimes the colors and lights would explode and send
Beams of light down to the ground
Wherever the beams hit people or animals
They would just disappear

As if they were taken inside the arc

A wheel that hovered and was made of seemingly nothing but colored light
Had to be extremely large to encircle the whole Earth.
It reminded him of stories he had heard of the Aurora Borealis
And how sometimes it would come down and take people away

Sometimes whole villages would disappear and not a living soul left behind
Even the dead were taken from the graveyards
This must be some kind of living light
A light with a mind

A light with a purpose.

We may not see the purpose or ever know the reason
For this light phenomena
It may reveal itself yet
Or we may never know the reason for it.

Is it a spaceship of some kind?
Is it a Celestial show that has a purpose that is beyond our comprehension?
Many people will never even see it
Many will experience it directly or indirectly

Some will become a part of it

Whatever it is and wherever it goes
One day it's purpose will be revealed to us
There are many things in this Universe that have explanations
That we cannot fathom

We are still the offspring of the Nephilim
The Bastard Children of the Gods
The Ancient Ones who left us to become what we have become
Or to die as we are very capable of doing

We are Celestial Orphans
The untouchables and contaminated
Not quite Gods and not quite Animals
We have no natural Habitat

We must prove ourselves one day.

And take our rightful place in the hierarchy of the Heavens.

© 2011 Philip G. DeLoach


Barbara said...

You know how much I love this!

PhilipD said...

Thanks for reading and commenting!