Friday, October 28, 2011

What Do You Believe?

What Do You Believe?

I don't know about Astrology.
I know a little about Astronomy.
I know a little about Quantum Physics.
I believe we are everywhere all the time.

And every time, Past, Present, Future.
I was raised a Southern Baptist.
I have studied Eastern Philosophy.
I practiced Transcendental Meditation.

Wanted to be a monk until I found out
that there were no Baptist monks.
The Catholic Church didn't want me.
The Mormons did but I didn't want them.

I used to live practically next door to a
Pentecostal Snake Handling Church.
They took up poisonous serpents and
drank Strychnine in church services.

I have almost died several times
but I never had a Near Death Experience.
I do believe that something of us survives death.
I'm not really sure what or in what form.

I don't believe in traditional Reincarnation
I do believe I've been here at least 30,000 years.
I have experienced life through the eyes and ears of animals.
I have been a field mouse.
I have soared as a Red Tailed Hawk.

Life has no boundaries. All is connected.
On the subatomic level there is no difference between
me and my dog. We are intertwined.
Even rocks and trees are conscious on some level.

If you take all the empty space out of the Universe
it would probably fit into a thimble.
We live in a holographic Universe
where the Infinite is contained in the Finite
and the Finite is contained in the Infinite.

Everyone has experienced ESP or Clairvoyance
to one extent or another from time to time.
What if that was a common experience all the time?
There would be no secrets.
There would be no wars.

Language would be unnecessary because
Thought transference occurs in whatever language
the person receiving the thought thinks in.

What kind of world would we have with no borders
no walls, no boundaries and no hate.
Because hatred is born of ignorance
and there would be no ignorance.

Everyone would know everything.

The thoughts and feelings I have been having
Is that there is a coming reckoning.
A taking stock in where we are and how
we fit into the whole scheme of things.

There may well be disasters or wars.
Many people may die.
Some may possibly survive to repopulate the Earth.
Governments would be pointless then.
Armies would not exist any more.

Daily survival would be the only motivation.
In the Universal sense there is no Good or Evil
there is only what is.
And what I think that is is the Universal Mind of God.
There is nothing nor anybody that is outside that Mind.

As God said to Moses, "I am that I AM."
Alpha and Omega.
The Beginning and the End.
Nothing exists outside of the I AM.

© Oct 9 2011 Philip G. DeLoach

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