Monday, January 7, 2013



The Dance of Life swirls around us
like the winds of a cyclone.
We worry about the Future and
Wonder about the Past.

We miss the Present,
falling through the cracks.

Where are we headed?
Where have we really been?

Are our lives only Dreams?
When will we awaken?
Where will we be?

Our lives are like the Peanut Shells
littering the dingy floor of a bar.

Could it be that there is a pattern to all this?
Do you think we will see that pattern?
The Method to the Madness?

We live only in the millisecond of the moment.
The Past is gone, the Future does not exist.
There is only the Eternal Present.

We have lived so many lives they are like the water droplets
in a rain cloud.
We eventually come together
returning to Earth.

And start all over again…

©Jan 4, 2013 Philip G. DeLoach


Philip DeLoach said...

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Philip DeLoach said...

I figured out the combination! You have to sign into your Google Account first, then post a comment!