Saturday, September 22, 2012

Me and The Moon

Me and the Moon

I used to lie in the bed at night
looking out my open window
when everyone else was asleep.
I could feel the Summer breeze on my face.
carrying the smell the honeysuckle.

Lying there I could hear the sounds of the crickets and frogs
and always the sad song of the whippoorwill.
The fireflies outside would weave intricate patterns
among the limbs of the Pine Trees.
And hundreds of them would rise up out of the meadow
looking like tiny spaceships all taking off at once.
They moved as if on cue.
I would wonder where they all went during the day.

I could feel the moon outside even when I couldn't see it.
I felt it's pull.
It was watching over everything from it's perch in the sky.
I didn't have to see it because it was almost like it spoke to me,
calling me out.

There seemed to be a sound.
A low hum that most people never heard.
That was the Moon talking to me.
Sometimes I answered and went outside.
I would lie in the middle of the road and look up at the stars.
That was the best place to see everything.

I had a toy Telescope.
I called it a SpyGlass.
I could see the Craters on the Surface.
It really looked like a giant ball floating in space.

Occasionally I would see shooting stars.
Some would sparkle and glow in different colors
as they flew past.

I knew there was a reason for all this.
An Intelligence behind it all.
A Big Plan and we were all part of that Bigger Plan.
It made me sad to think that it may all end one day.

© Sept 1, 2012 Philip G. DeLoach

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