Thursday, March 1, 2012

Old Scratch

Old Scratch

It's not but one hop, skip, and jump from
Akron to Dacron, to Polyester Preacherman
Who preaches against everything he can think of.
We are all evil and in the clutches of Satan.

And then when the Preacherman is so exhausted
He finally goes home.
Takes off his Preacherman Suit and is Old Scratch Himself.
Grinning and strutting like a Banty Rooster!

"Those fools will never know what hit 'em he screamed!"
And sadly he may be right.
If anyone takes any of these Proselytizing Pro Haters Seriously
They must have been brainwashed or brain dead.

But a lot of people do take them very seriously.
Enough to even vote for them as President of the United States.
It is Insanity personified.
The Bull and the Shit have come together as one.

And they boast and bluster like the Buccaneers of the old days
They will set things straight!
They will get our country back!
They will do away with the Sinners and the Terrorists.

How can anyone with a brain possibly take these
highly paid Buffoons seriously?
It is unbelievable that they have come as far as they already have.
What will it take to stop them?

This country already has ceased to be a representative Democracy.
The Foxes have killed the chickens in the Hen house and now
There is nothing left but Foxes.
Our Civil Rights are being flushed down the Presidential Commode.

The ones who are supposedly on our side are doing nothing.
They are either stupid, wearing blinders, or are so rich and arrogant
that they think the Republicrats will shoot themselves in the foot
and will be easily defeated.

Trouble is the Republicrats and their Evangelical hordes
have taken over governments on every level including State, County, Local.
They are making laws that to anyone who is not an idiot would know is
either illegal, unconstitutional, or Fascist.

A third of the people are waiting for the Second Coming, another third are waiting for the First Coming, and another third don't believe anybody's coming at all.
And some are waiting for the Starship to come and get the "Chosen Ones".

This insanity is leading up to what I think will be the most insane Presidential election in this country's long history. Also one of the most corrupt and illegal elections. The Republicrats have already given the Presidency to George Bush twice. He was appointed the first time, not elected, and the second time it was illegally given to him by ballot tampering and other crooked means.

Voting has become an exercise in futility.

What do we do now?

© Feb 27, 2012 Philip G. DeLoach


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