Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Japanese Garden

A Japanese Garden

My mind floats just inches above the smooth still water
in a pond in the center of a Japanese garden.
I smell the water.
I see the flash of red, gold, and white
swimming below me.

In the soft breeze that gently rustles the bamboo.
I smell the delicious odors of orchids and clematis.
My body is nowhere to be found.
There is no pain, no sensation at all.

My mind is an integral part of the garden.
The Moon bridge is displaying it's round reflection.
Half bridge, half water.

As I drift across the water, not touching it but barely
separated from it I feel the humidity and cleansing vapor.
This cleanses my mind and soul.

I hear the songs of many birds.
Their joyful chorus adds beauty to the whole completeness
that is the Garden.

All sights, sounds, colors, smells, and the living Garden
is one entity.
Just like the Earth is a living being.
All parts of a larger whole.
Nothing is static, it is only still.

As the fog lifts my mind follows.
I drift up into the smell of pine and willow.
I become all that I sense.
I am the Garden.

I will stay as long as I am allowed.

© Jan. 1, 2012 Philip G. DeLoach

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