Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Song of Day and Night

Song of Day and Night

You know when the morning looks at you
and sings of Mysteries
and the Trees take up the chorus
one by one.

Singing in Harmony with the birds,
the Rose Colored Face of Morning gradually gives way
to the bright Lyrical Chant of Day.
We are alive and we are Here.

As the day progresses it mellows it's tone
to a more relaxed color … Greens and Blues and Browns …
The Chirp and Tweek and Rustle
Letting the Ones Who Know that someone is afoot.

The Raven croaks "They are Here!"
Nothing moves without notice.
Every warble, every shaft of light reflected
on the dust of the day
shows where we have been and where we are going.

You sing so sweetly,
you Sky…you Siren of the Living Earth.
How can we not Hear?
How can we not know?

You leave us a Lullaby of Stars
in the Blanket of Night.
Each Star sings it's own Note.
A symphony of tiny bells to lull us to sleep..
To Dream of days to come, and ways to go.

Sing me to sleep tonight Sky…
Tonight, and I will thank you in the morning...

© Jan , 2012 Philip G. DeLoach

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