Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Other Side of Now

The Other Side of Now

I find myself standing on the other side
Of what I thought was reality.
I can see the other side but cannot touch it.

I am gripped in the quantum clutches of time/space...
Being at once torn asunder and simultaneously
Reconstructed in first this place and that place.

I look in the mirror and there is no one there
Looking back at me.
Other times I look in the mirror and see
rows and rows of mirrors reflecting the same me
over and over.

The same me but in a different setting,
a different time and place
I wonder who is the real me that I call "Me"?
Days and nights flash by like the windows of a speeding train

In each window there is a Me looking out with a puzzled look
Mouthing the words "Where Am I?"
The days and nights the darks and lights
Become years as time speeds up the closer I get
To whatever destination I am supposed to have.

I feel the pull of a presence that is overwhelming
Calling me out. Calling my name.
I have many names.
Names that have changed with the
Seasons of my life.

Seasons of happy times and sad times
of Death and Birth, Creation and Destruction.
I have participated in them all.
They are all necessary lessons on how to be human.

The Universe of opposites. A Universe that is as small as a pin point
And as large as the largest thing imaginable at the same time.
I am here...I am there... I am nowhere ...except where the "I" that I am is.

Push a button, blow up the world.
Pick a flower and blow up a Universe.
They are both the same.

Peace is to not have to wonder any more.
Peace is to know the paths and the destinations
and the fact that that all exist all the time in one place and in one time,
the Everlasting Now.
Nothing else exists.
Everything else is illusion.
Smoke and mirrors.

We wait for the world to wake up and discover
that it has been sleeping
for thousands of years.
Many histories have come and gone and
still more regenerate.
A Phoenix being born of Fire.

I wish that Peace was possible.
Paradise is within our grasp.
Except for the failings of mankind in seeing
what the important things in life are.

What flight we could have over cloud tops and moonbeams
with the wind in our hair and the smell of all seasons
of Eternities blowing from nostril to mind.
Sights, Sounds, Smells, all become one bright wind
that blows within and without us.

The ecstasy of complete freedom.
The Serenity of complete Peace.
The warmth and comfort of Unquestioning
and Encompassing Love.

To be what we are supposed to be
And what we really already are
except we can not realize it until we allow
ourselves to experience it.

We must take that step into the unknown.

© Dec. 20, 2011 Philip G. DeLoach


Cindy Schnackel said...

Nice work, Phil, and now I can comment because I have reg. for a blog, too. Nice site, you do them well.

Philip DeLoach said...

Cindy, glad to see your comment. I was beginning to think I set things up so people couldn't comment. Glad you like the site too!

Southern Muse said...

I happened over to your blog and read one of the poems. Your soul-searching is resonating with thoughts I've been having along the same lines, the nature of time, space, God, the universe... always keep searching.

Philip DeLoach said...

I'm glad you stopped by. I really appreciate it when people like my work and let me know!
Take care,

Philip DeLoach said...

Thanks everyone for all your comments!