Monday, April 9, 2012

Time Before Time

Time Before Time

I can remember when I was not who I am.
I can remember when I was not somebody else.
When things were as they should be.
When skies were blue and the air was clean.
When days were long and time did not rush by
like a speeding freight train.

Apples were given time to ripen before being picked.
We took the time to notice one another.
To get to know one another.
We took the time to actually talk to one another.

I guess we have more time to remember
when we had more time, and less time to make
more memories to forget.

Do you remember when you were someone else?
When we were somewhere else?
When we had nothing to do and all day to do it?

Times and Tides Change and we swing like pendulums
in an ever increasing clock.
We smile as we pass as one heads toward the future
and the other heads toward the past.

Nothing changes, but nothing stays the same.
We are unconscious Chameleons.
Evolving, devolving, discovering, and losing,
all at the same time.

Sometimes my memories seem more real than the present day.
The Past, Present, and Future sometimes merges
into a confusing blend of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
Where are we now?
Where will we be yesterday?

You see there actually is no Past, Present, or Future.
Everything that has ever happened, and will happen,
already exists every moment of the day.
We have already done everything we will ever do.
We just haven't realized it yet.

They say it's not too late to change the future
but, it's also not too late to change the past.

Our lives are spread like a layer of peanut butter across a slice of time.
Some blends, some overlaps.
Some lives end and others begin but it is all the same ball of energy just changing it's configuration.

The Emperor gets a new set of clothes.
Then he dies, and is buried in them, only to wake in another time and place
with not only new clothes but a new body, a new face, a new life.

At every point of decision in our lives we create an infinity of possibilities.
Each of those possibilities continue on separately creating infinitely more possibilities.

We are on one strand of that network of possibilities.
Our perception is what defines who and where we are at the present moment.
It can all change in the blink of an eye.

The end of the world has already happened.
But the beginning of a new world is happening also.
It is a constant dance across infinity.
We dance until we all eventually learn that we don't have to go anywhere
to get to where we all eventually will be.

We are already there.
Love and trust in life is the glue that holds it all together.

It is all that really matters.
It is the only eternal thing that exists.
And there is plenty of it because the more you give away
the more you get.

© Apr. 8, 2012 Philip G. DeLoach

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