Monday, May 5, 2014


Brethren, sisteren, children, we all dance to the same tune.
Some fast, some slow, some dance where it don't even show.

Got me some oxygen today.
Maybe I can inflate myself and float away…

I bet there are balloon people on some planet.
I wouldn't mind that.
They eat lots of cake to hold them down to the ground.

Lay abouts my Grandmother used to call them.
Grandpaw liked them because they played banjos and sang Billy Boy.

"Does this road go all the way to the end?", I'd say.
I reckon so they all said, but they didn't really know for sure.

Well, I took a few more puffs and floated away.
I guess there's enough wind up there to blow me home.

And if it ain't and I wind up somewheres else, I reckon that would be alright too.

© April 30, 2014 Philip G. DeLoach

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