Saturday, March 7, 2015

A Journey

I woke up in Darkness.
A Darkness that is unimaginable.
There were thousands of lights all around
but I couldn't see my own hands.

Over to my left I saw what looked to be the Earth.
A tiny blue ball.
There was no up or down, no forward or backward.
My only points of reference were inside and outside.

The only thing I could touch was my own body.
There were no sounds except the beating of my heart 
and the blood moving through my veins.

No heat or cold.
My thoughts were so loud they were like explosions in my head.
They were electric.
They were color.

Fluid color explosions.

They made no sense because
they didn't relate to anything I had ever experienced.
It was if everything I had ever done and ever will do, were all going on at once.
And those experiences were tied and tangled with the experiences
of everyone else I had ever known or will ever know.

There was a strange sense of peace being everywhere and nowhere,
and being everyone and no one, all at the same time.

I heard a voice.
Barely audible.
But getting louder.

It was saying "go home".
I said to wherever the voice came from, "I don't know where that is."

It said "still your mind and open your eyes".
I did, and I found myself sitting in front of my computer
with my mouse in my hand.

I guess that's as good as any other place to be.

© March 6, 2015 Philip G. DeLoach.

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