Monday, August 23, 2010

The Hall of The Ancients

I wandered through the mountains and valleys of my dreams
Searching for the Hall of the Ancients
I was told by a falling leaf
To look in a spot behind my eyes.

While searching I see a pinpoint of light.
I suddenly realize I am already in the Hall
I expected a vast expanse of marble and Lapis
Golden chalices.

Instead I found a dusty cave with the remnants of different civilizations
The artifacts of man's mischief and ego
Weapons and thrones in piles like so many sticks of wood
We have conquered and been conquered so many times.

The true reason for existence
Is supposed to be housed in this Hall
The Truth in an Emerald Box
I find no box such as this.

Even though the Hall is dark I have no trouble seeing
Our reign over Earth has really been a short one
We are nowhere near as smart or as strong as we think
Glorious Empires are now just piles of dust and withered bones.

Where are the Ancients who are the Archivists?
The faithful Watchmen of History?
I see no such personage here
As a matter of fact I see no one save myself.

I found an old bronze plaque
On it was written, "You Will Find your Future, in the Dust of Your Past"
How can that be?
I finally realized that we are doomed to repeat our failures.

Until we learn a different way
A different path
Where greed and power are not the lamplight
And neither are they the Path to Peace.

I suddenly felt I was not alone
I saw a tiny mouse on a little ledge
He spoke to me in a loud clear voice
He asked "Whose truth do you seek?"
I said "My Own
And the Truth of the Ancients"
He said "there is only one Ancient left
And I am he".

I said "That is impossible!"
What Truth is here in all this dusty rubble?
The mouse said "Commit the same deeds, reap the same reward"
I said, "Is there any way to change this Path?"

He said, "Do you remember the blue pinpoint of light you first saw?"
I said "Yes what is that"
He said "It is the entrance to the Hall of the Ancients"
I asked "But what about the secrets of the Ancients?"

He just said "They have never been secret,
You have been told through every generation of your
time on Earth, you just failed to listen".
Think about it.

You will continue on this path until you either change it
Or you eventually destroy it yourself by your own hand.

God has no need to destroy the World
You have the power to do that yourself.

Go now, and think of a different and better future.
You just may have it.

©2010 Philip G. DeLoach


Pris said...

Hi Philip,

I'm testing your comments and welcoming you to blogger. I'm loving what you're posting here.


Ms.M said...

I am SO loving your book Philip. Happy now to be following your blog.


PhilipD said...

Pris and Barbara,
Thanks for being some of my first readers and thanks for commenting!