Saturday, September 4, 2010

What About the Little People

What about the Little People?

Once I thought I saw a small little man
In the corner of my eye I saw him
just as he disappeared behind a tree
I could hear his laughter at my perplexity.

I didn't know whether to be afraid or just curious
I knew it was not a normal thing but I have never been normal
So I went to the tree and all I found was a hole where a pair
of Flickers lived.

I saw more than one of the little people
Wearing their ragged clothes
climbing around and hopping like squirrels
Some male, some female.

I could hear them talking sometimes
But I couldn't understand their language
Their laughter sounded like little bells or crickets chirping
Most of the time I could not see them but I could tell they were watching me.

They were usually about a foot tall
They didn't look like Leprechauns
Usually you saw them in the corner of your eye
If you looked directly at them they would be gone.

They lived around the base of an ancient Chinaberry Tree
I think there was a connection between them and the Flickers
I suppose they looked out for each other
That is the only place I ever saw them.

I saw other things inside the house
People standing in doorways
Transparent cats scurrying across the room
Things that seemed to come out of the wall and go through the next wall.

I don't think I'm hallucinating
I don't think I'm crazy
Hell, I don't care if I am
I'm not bothering anybody else.

I've always believed that people used to be able to fly
And that they could walk through walls
I have done both while asleep and I don't think I was dreaming
Dreams have a different feeling to them.

I worry about what will happen to all these little people
When we destroy their world
We cut that old Chinaberry Tree down
And I never saw the little people or the Flickers again.

© 2010 Philip G. DeLoach

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