Monday, October 27, 2014

On Napping

I awoke from a nap that I did not remember taking.
I was just suddenly awake and walking down the street.
I noticed there were no cars moving.
No people going from place to place.

There were no sounds.
No birds, vehicles, airplanes, music, no sounds at all, except the
rustle of dusty leaves on dying trees.

I walked for what seemed like miles and still no sign of life.
The sky had a dirty orange glow to it.
Not sunset or sunrise.

Maybe I am still asleep and dreaming.
I felt like I was being watched but by who or what?
An uneasy feeling that all life had either been taken away or had left some other way.

After days of wandering around in his strange limbo place I was about to lose my mind.
Then I happened to hear something.
I know I heard something!
A buzzing noise.
Something was flying around.

It got closer and closer until it actually stopped at me.
It was a Honey bee.
A single lone Honey bee.

For some reason that bee gave me hope that all life that was gone from Earth would someday be back.
And maybe, just maybe, whatever happened to everybody and everything would be better than it was before.

Then I really woke up.
Everything was just like it was before I laid down to take a nap.
I was disappointed.


I could hear a Honey bee just outside my window.

© Oct 1, 2014 Philip G. DeLoach

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