Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Watch Your Step

To all the people who think
you will live forever.
You won't.

Everything you do now you will wear
until you die.
Every smell, sound, thought, and deed
will be recorded somewhere.

Life is not what it seems to be.
History is nothing but lies that keep
being rewritten over and over.
What has been done was not done
for the reasons we think.

There may be some people
who know the Truth.
But they are not sharing that Truth with us.
All we get is the truth.

If you ever find Peace, Joy, or Love,
hang onto it with all of your might.
It is very slippery and evanescent.

Be kind, be patient, be caring.
All we have is each other.

If you have lived your life to satisfaction
you are very lucky indeed.
Even so keep your wits about you.

Love and Luck can come from strange places
and at odd times.

© Jan.12, 2015 Philip G. DeLoach


Barbara said...

I really enjoyed this, Philip. Big difference between the truth and the Truth. i like your message of kindness, patience and caring.

Philip DeLoach said...

Thanks for commenting! I'm sorry I haven't responded before now.