Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Glass Bottom Boat

We drift along watching our lives go by
like tourists in a glass bottom boat.
We see ourselves and others going about the daily struggle.

Somehow we feel a disconnect.
Why are we attracted to some people
and repelled by others?

Is everything we have ever learned wrong?

I have always heard that we are what we think.
We attract what we think about and how we feel.
I want to know what the ultimate reason for our existence is.
Why are we here, now?

I think most of what passes for knowledge that we
were taught in school is bullshit, spoon fed to us by idiots.
They don't know any more than we do.
They just have a Certificate that says they know what they know.

I think a time is coming soon that will separate the wheat from the chaff
and the ones who care and he ones who do not.

I have watched as many of the people I called friends
have distanced themselves from me because I don't participate in the groups
and conversations that I suppose were the only thing holding our friendship together.

I miss them.
I think they have forgotten about me.
No one has time for anything but survival any more.
Just like when we were hunters and gatherers.
Only now we use computers and smart appliances.

All the time saving devices just cause us to work more and live less.
The material world is not a User Friendly place any more.
I think Love, Art, and Music are the only things that really matter.

Where will you be when Gaia gives birth to a new world?

© Feb.16, 2016 Philip G. DeLoach

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