Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Time to Wake Up

I feel as if today we have passed a point in Space/Time that is now irreversible.
The Point of No Return.
The Die is Cast.

Our future is determined by forces we never even imagined.
There is something in the air today.
The Earth is breathing a sigh.
The sigh of resignation.

The Past is Gone - the Future is uncertain at best.
No time left to change our minds or change our ways.

A gray fog is drifting across the fields, farms, forests, and deserts.
It is worse in the cities of senseless sensation and unending mindless consumption.

If there is some kind of Protector for Gaia  it is time for it / them, to step up to the plate.
The time of Reckoning is near.
The cycles are repeating.
Heaven or Hell, take your pick -
Something is up that may be coming back down - Hard.

I hope that the Spirit of Hope is a real Spirit and not just vain imaginings
or Homo Sapiens mythology.

Wake up and Look Up!
The Rats are deserting the ships -
The creators of Deception and Destruction are digging in
in hopes of avoiding the coming devastation.

The Future doesn't look very bright right now.

© Mar 13, 2016 Philip G. DeLoach

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